A Coliving Space is a brand new concept of rental homes which is taking the world by storm or rather it is becoming a new way of life. As the name suggests, Coliving means community living or in other words, it is a community where like-minded people living together. Preferred over PGs and apartments by millennials and the working people in big cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune, coliving is helping them get affordable rental homes in prime locations near their workplaces with premium amenities. But did you know, many leading corporates were founded while coliving?

All the people around us especially the millennials like to stay outside their hometowns to achieve their career goals and to be successful. We, at first, move to big cities and towns and then comes the challenge of finding a suitable abode for us. Important factors like budget as you would love to enjoy maximum amenities at the lowest cost. Next comes the challenge of location as you wouldn’t like to get stuck in a traffic jam and reach your office late. There are many other issues as such and coliving spaces seem to be the only solution out which not only provides the residents with premium amenities at an affordable rate but also the joy of community living. People here often come here as room partners but soon become best buddies. And, a friendship formed by like-minded people often leads to them doing something productive towards their career goals. 

There are a number of cases where millennials once were just roommates but their talks led to an idea being born which in the long run became multinational brands and world leaders in their niche. Such is the case with a coliving space too which is based on the feeling of community living and enjoying fun moments together with like-minded people. Don’t believe us? Take an instance. Imagine your life goal is being a successful entrepreneur and in your pursuit of achieving your dreams, an idea emerges in your mind. Would you be able to even take a step ahead alone? Seems unlikely. Ultimately, you will have to discuss this with people with the same idea, matching yours. In a wide world of millennials, it can be really difficult and challenging for you to find such people. Now take the instance of coliving with like-minded people. Here, you can easily find people who will be your contemporaries and discuss your idea with them. And, who knows? They might like your idea and actually help you turn it into a startup. Thus your journey from colivers continues now as partners into a newly forged business. 

Still don’t believe us? Read the stories of five multi-million brands which were started by people who once lived as coliving partners and living together in a community helped them achieve their dream of being world leaders in their respective areas. You might think most multinational companies today were founded by people who once went to colleges and universities together or just met by chance and liked each other’s idea and came together into a business. This might be true in some cases, but the instances we bring to you today are the ones actually forged in a shared coliving space and now lead the world in their respective areas. So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 

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  1. Google 


Whether you call it a search giant or the world’s highest visited search engine, Google continues to prove its might to the world. It was founded back in 1995 when Larry Page met Sergey Brin. Larry was a PhD student at Stanford University back then and Sergey was thinking about studying there. In 1996, they came up with the idea and started a search engine called ‘BackRub’ which was later renamed to Google. 

The name ‘BackRub’ came from the algorithm of ‘backlinks’ a page has and ran successfully on the server of Stanford University. Google.com was officially registered on September 15, 1997. The term ‘Google’ was taken from ‘Googol’ which in Mathematics is a term used to describe 1 followed by 100 zeroes and it was popularized that the duo had planned to use Google as a platform where people could find an infinite number of resources. And today, Google is a multi-billionaire brand known to the entire world. But did you know that the founders of Google once lived in a Coliving space? 

Though the concept of a coliving space is relatively new, the founders lived in a dorm room and developed the well-known search engine from the same, borrowing used PCs. Once the plan worked, soon investors came in and the idea of Larry and Sergey which began in a dorm room soon turned into what it is today. Then they moved on to their first office in Menlo Park, yet the fact that their idea and the initials began in a shared or rather a coliving space of that time, can’t just be ignored!

  1. Facebook


Most of us today are familiar with the concept of Social Media. It began as a revolution and took the internet soon with more than 51% of the world population active on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Talking about Facebook, which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. But did you know the story of Facebook? And yes it was founded by Zuckerberg along with his cofounders during his stay in a coliving space or shared space. 

Here is the story of Facebook. It all began when Mark created an online program called ‘Facemash’ —  a program in 2003 designed to allow users at Harvard University to rank people based on their hotness. Soon enough, it gained a lot of popularity and the first iteration of Facebook was launched in 2004 which was limited only to students at Harvard. By September 2006 anyone with a valid email address and above 13 years of age could create a Facebook account globally and it gained immense popularity among the youth who wanted to make social friends online. Facebook was one of the best experiments of the decade carried out in a small dorm or coliving space of Harvard and now is one of the most popular and used social media platforms available today. 

  1. Amazon 


Buying yourself something within the comfort of your own home is the trend today. There are a number of e-commerce websites which started this trend the top and the most popular among them is Amazon founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. The website not only started the trend but also opened up new possibilities for retailers to sell their products online. But did you know that this e-commerce leader had its finding in Bezos’s house?

Here goes the story. It was the 90s and Jeff was 30 years old, working on Wall Street. But seeing the internet becoming a trend, he decided to build his own platform online where retailers could sell their products. And his idea worked while he was sitting down in a shared space and within a week he started making $20,000 a week. And, Amazon today isn’t just a world leader in terms of e-commerce but also become a multi-billionaire company, even acquiring the Washington Post in 2013. It now has a number of products like Amazon Kindle, Prime Video and many more, helping it grow day-by-day. Still, people wonder, how this company became successful so quickly while Bezos started it within the comfort of his home. 

  1. Hewlett Packard (HP)

Hewlett Packard

The Silicon Valley of California has given rise to many of the renowned startups and big brands worldwide. But did you know that Hewlett Packard (HP) computers were a gift from the same place when two friends from Stanford founded it in a coliving space or shared space —  a garage in 1938? Maybe, not. But yet HP became a world-known brand of computers which is now a world leader. 

Here goes the story. The company was founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard who experimented and developed an audio oscillator in the garage. The garage was owned by Packard and his wife, while Hewlett lived outside in a shed. The company received its first serious break when Walt Disney was so impressed with the audio oscillator models they created, that he straightway ordered eight of them to be tested in his theatres. HP gained a lot of success then and in 1940 decided to move out of the garage and rent an office space. Today we all know the success of this brand and how immensely it is popular in the whole world especially among the millennial generation. But did you imagine, that a company with such a success would be born out in a small shared space? Still, the place has been forgotten yet and has been renovated and given the California Historical Landmark No 976 status. 

  1. Apple

Steve Jobs Apple
Steve Job, Founder, Apple

Who doesn’t know the name of Apple? It is the first obvious choice of millennials these days who want a luxurious phone. It not only became the basis of it being one of the most popular brands earning more than $260 billion dollars revenue but now also has become a status symbol for many people in and around us. But did you know that much like other brands in this list, Apple too bloomed in 1976 in a shared space —  a garage when Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne developed their first computer?

Here is the story about Apple you need to know. It was the year of 1976 when Steve Jobs along with Steve Wozniak started the business with the production of Apple I which was chip computer. Though it only became a collectable among the people but yet it helped them with enough capital to put and venture for a new one —  Apple II in 1977. Steve Wozniak built the two computers and it was the play of Steve’s mind to market them both. Talking about the garage, it was never used in the manufacturing of the computers but to meet and brainstorm on different ideas which helped Apple rise to what it is today. Though a small shared or coliving space, it helped them rise to a new height every time the world witnessed a new generation of Apple computers. A major revolution was when these computers could fit in the palms of every person with the first-ever iPhone released in 2007. Apple is truly a revolution today, the seeds of which were planted in a small garage! 

So how many of knew that these popular brands were founded in a shared or coliving space? Ranging from Apple to HP to Amazon, all have a different story to narrate! All of them have now become multi-billion dollar companies and all have one thing in common —  the background and the place where their initials were laid. Such is the miracle that happens when you get to live with like-minded people around you and share your ideas in order to create something unexceptional and do something productive in your life, not only being successful yourself but setting an example for others to follow. 

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