16 Lessons We Have Learnt from the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus which began in China’s Wuhan back in December 2019 has now taken the world by storm. Numerous countries around the world have been affected by it and more than 3.4 million positive cases of the virus have been detected so far, leaving behind more than 200,000 casualties so far. The coronavirus outbreak has not only triggered a health alarm globally but has also led many economies to suffer heavy losses. 

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, we also have learnt a number of lessons like how nature is rebooting itself with less involvement of humans as we all stay at home during the lockdown. The air around has turned pollution-free with many sightings of rare animals around the world. The rivers in India especially the most polluted Yamuna too witnessed pollution levels going down recently. Though it is hard for all of us to stay at home all the time yet it surely is helping Mother Nature attain some freedom from the atrocities it suffers at the hands of humans. 

Talking about India, around 33,610 active cases have been detected so far and in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the nation is under strict lockdown till May 3, 2020. All states in India except a few, currently have confirmed positive cases of coronavirus, and Maharashtra stands on the peak among the ones suffering the most. But the pandemic even has given us a number of lessons to grasp within a couple of months from around the world.

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Let’s elaborate on a few of them:

  1. After the coronavirus outbreak, the USA is no longer a world leader!

After the coronavirus outbreak, the USA is no longer a world leader!

We are all aware that the US has always been a world leader even with limited resources and manpower. Well, it was their intelligence which once helped it rule the whole world.  But the coronavirus outbreak changed the whole scenario upside-down. The perception of the whole world looking towards the US has changed. It is evident that the US has clearly failed to handle the pandemic, leaving the lives of its citizens in danger and by prioritizing its economy. 

The first case was found in January 2020 but no proper measures were taken which lead to nearly 10 lakh cases currently in the country. This proves the failure of the US in handling the current situation. Simply put, it is often said people in the US are costlier than India, but now it seems Indian lives are worthier than them.

  1. China won the 3rd world war without firing a missile and no one could handle it!


Today the whole world is suffering from an unprecedented pandemic of coronavirus outbreak or COVID-19. It was first found in Wuhan, a city of China. A lady selling fish in the market was subjected to this virus which was known only after she was hospitalized. This virus can spread easily through the mouth, nose and eyes. It was found in the early December of 2019, the seriousness of which was neglected by the Chinese government. They didn’t feel responsible to alert the world about it either. Many controversies have risen against the Chinese for leaving the world in the hand of life taking serious pandemic. 

Nothing is clear about the origin of the virus yet. Some say it originated from the bats while others claim it to be a man-made virus from China in the form of bio-war. Either way, China has actually started the metaphorical world war without the use of any physical weapon but a microscopic organism.

  1. Europeans are not as educated as they appear!

We Indians prefer to go and do our post-graduation in European countries believing it to be a boon in career growth. We have always believed them to be a world leader in terms of the maintenance of their country and citizens. But today the pandemic has a different fable to narrate altogether. When the lockdown was first implemented in Italy, the citizens were not ready to follow it. This led to the outbreak turning worse in Italy, costing thousands of lives. Not only Italy but Spain, France, Germany, and the UK suffered the same fate.

All the European countries are now facing the worst side of the pandemic as it wasn’t contained in its initial stage. On the other hand, while the Indians obeyed the lockdown imposed amid the coronavirus outbreak which saved the country from facing the same fate as Italy and the other European nations.

4. We can enjoy our vacations at home without thinking of taking a tour of the USA or Europe!

We Indians still think the US and the European countries to be the ideal destinations when thinking about going on a vacation. But the coronavirus outbreak has proved that we can survive inside our homes for more than a month. We have learnt that we need to encourage our people to enjoy the famous destinations of our nation first. Taking a foreign tour is often considered a status symbol by millennials but we should understand that trips are purely meant for mental peace and not to show off.

  1. The rich are in fact less immune than the poor!

It is believed that the rich always prefer cleanliness in almost everything they do and keep their surroundings clean. The poor on the other hand, live in unhygienic conditions. The coronavirus outbreak has shown us that rich people are in fact, less immune than the poor. 

There is a reason behind it. It is seen that children in rich families are pampered and live in healthy conditions while poor children live a harsh life. Research says that being in a harsh condition actually helps us develop an antibody to fight against germs. This is why it is evident today that the rich are more prone to COVID-19 than the poor.  

  1. We today need to only keep faith in the doctors today! 

6. We today need to only keep faith in the doctors today!

For the coronavirus outbreak, no priest, pujari, astrologer or ustad can save the patients but only the doctors and nurses. The virus does not discriminate and is injurious to all no matter their religion, region, race, gender, or age. It can only be treated by doctors. It is us who have created the boundaries of religion and have divided ourselves in the name of caste, colour, gender, class, etc. The pandemic has shown us that there is only one religion of humanity and we need to stand together to fight it. The doctors today are the only one true Gods around us and we should all be thankful to them.

  1. Health professionals are worth more than footballers!

We Indians, value the entertainers around us like Gods and worship them every day. But have we ever felt the same for health professionals who are working day and night in the wake of the pandemic?  Entertainers like sportsmen, movie celebrities, etc. are often valued more but doctors and nurses in the last couple of months have emerged as the true warriors. 

  1. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption!

Oil is worthless in a society without consumption!

Countries like Saudi Arabia have become one of the richest countries as they widely deal with oil exports. Every household these days has a vehicle and needs fuel to run on and in recent years oil prices have gone up widely but as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many countries around the world are under strict lockdown. And as we barely step out of our homes, the demand for oil has gone down and the same is the case with its price.

  1. Wildlife now has no restrictions

9. Wildlife now has no restrictions

With humans sitting back at home during the lockdown, the wildlife is getting an opportunity to enjoy its liberty. While we humans have been capturing them for years and keeping them in zoos for the purpose of entertainment, they now have less human involvement. This is evident by the recent updates on deers, elephants, and peacocks being spotted on the streets and roaming freely. We need to understand that the balance in the ecosystem needs to be maintained and wildlife needs to be given its own share in nature too! 

  1. Nature reboots with less involvement of humans

10. The nature reboots with less involvement of humans

Humans are the dominant creature of the earth. The only difference between animals and humans is the sixth sense. God gifted us with this sense so that we use it wisely and maintain harmony in the world. But we, humans, did just the opposite! We have over utilised the resources and have even caused a lot of harm to nature with air, water and land pollution. But the outbreak of coronavirus has restricted us to our homes and without the involvement of humans, nature is now rebooting itself. This is evident by the fact that only within a couple of months nature has started healing. Even the pollution levels in the air and water bodies like rivers have gone down.

  1. Working from home, in fact, isn’t as hard as it seems! 

Work From Home

Most millennials today have a 9 to 5 job and love to work at corporate offices situated at prime locations or in well-known IT parks. Working from home initially felt like an impossible mission as many of us think home is not a place to work. The coronavirus pandemic broke that myth. Today a majority of employees are working from home. Thanks to technology, laptops and internet connection made it possible. Most employees are able to complete their work at home exactly like in the office. This might not suit every employee as the nature of each business is different from another. But humans are the true survivors of all the situations.

  1. We can survive without junk food!

Junk Food

Junk food which is a part of a modern lifestyle is a daily food habit in most households. Though it is known that fast food is not healthy, people are not ready to give up on it, mainly schoolchildren and youngsters. But the ongoing lockdown proved it wrong. We elders and children are able to survive even without junk food. As most restaurants are closed under lockdown and to remain healthy, we have no other option than to eat home-cooked meals.

  1. Maintaining hygiene isn’t too difficult!

Maintaining hygiene

We are taught hygienic habits like washing our hands before eating, bathing every day, wear clean clothes, etc. from a young age. But living outside our hometowns, we all have neglected it many times. Many of us are prone to infections because of living in unhygienic conditions. 

But the pandemic has made it mandatory to stay hygienic to keep us safe from the virus. And we have also realised that following these hygienic habits isn’t very difficult and it can become a part of our lifestyle.

  1. Even men should know how to cook!

Even men should know how to cook

Indian society norms say that men are supposed to work outside and earn money and women are supposed to do all the household chores like cooking. Even working women are not exempted from these norms. Women are known to have good managerial skills because of their tendency to manage both the household and the office work at the same time, without compromising either. As during the lockdown, all family members are supposed to stay inside the house, even men have to cook or even help their wives in the kitchen. This has brought a bit of flexibility in the societal norms which earlier seemed like a dream but actually is happening now.

15. Media isn’t doing its work correctly!

Media is meant to provide useful information to the citizens of the country. They are meant to pass the actual true information and updates of the things happening in the country and across the world. But due to political interference and other factors, the media is not doing its job right. I am not criticizing the whole media sector, but we cannot ignore the fact that the media is controlled by politicians overall. In this ongoing crisis, giving a religious angle to the pandemic proves that the media is spreading hatred even in times where the nation is dealing with such a crisis. 

  1. Entertainers aren’t the real HEROES!

In India, entertainers like movie stars, musicians, etc. are not only loved but also worshipped as heroes. But in the ongoing crisis, how many of them have come forward to lend a hand of help?. On the other hand, the doctors and health professionals are doing their best to save the lives of the people suffering from COVID-19, even at the stake of their own lives. So who are the real heroes today?

The coronavirus pandemic is real and more than that it is a lesson that we humans have learned in the past couple of months. Though there are chaos and panic all around us, our lifestyles have changed manifolds. We have been maintaining hygiene in and around us while staying at home during the lockdown. Talking about nature, it is healing with less involvement of humans and wildlife is enjoying its liberty. We have also realised new facts like the media isn’t doing its job right and even that the entertainers aren’t the real heroes during the pandemic but doctors and medical professionals these days are! 

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