15 things to slay your boredom during the lockdown phase

The Coronavirus crisis has left the world in utter panic and chaos. Originating in China’s Wuhan, it has now taken the world by storm with more than 800,000 positive cases and around 40,000 deaths detected globally so far. It has been declared as a ‘Global Health Emergency’ by the World Health Organization (WHO). Adequate measures like the recent lockdown phase have been implemented in India where around 1600 cases have been detected so far. 

For the sake of their safety and their loved ones, many people have been advised to stay in quarantines. Most of the employees in the corporate sector have been directed to work from home. Yet many find it hard especially near noisy neighbours, kids, pets, and even the comforts of home. You might find it depressing to stay at home all the time but staying safe and in a hygienic environment is the need of the hour. In the state of complete lockdown, most stores, shopping malls, and restaurants have been completely shut down much to the agony of the people around us. 

Even for the people who work from home to fulfil the tasks given to them and to ensure that there isn’t any halt to the entire workflow, boredom and feeling blues are natural. They need to work all day even in the presence of distractions around, making sure that the productivity flows smoothly and none of the given goals is hampered. 

Yet you need to stay at home, practice precautionary measures and keep yourself isolated from friends and family to ensure their safety. This will make your daily schedule boring and monotonous. So what would you do to kill this boredom? Don’t worry, we here at Colive, bring you 15 new things to start today to slay boredom at home while upholding your health.

1. Relax your mind with meditation

Meditating at home

In the current scenario of the Coronavirus panic and chaos all around, all we need is some peace. Many employees are working from home and most of us are staying home and aren’t allowed to go out. What better way to get rid of such stress if not for some meditation?

All you need to do is take out some time from your busy schedule, sit in a quiet and calm room, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Are you a beginner here? Let’s start by following three simple steps:

  •  Get comfortable and sit down for a few minutes.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale. Take long and deep breaths and feel it gushing in through your nose and finding its way to your lungs and belly. 
  • Keep breathing and leave all worries behind. 

Meditating will surely help you relax your mind during the period of lockdown and help you become stress-free.

2. Detoxifying your body during the lockdown phase


Most working people staying out of their hometowns do not cook and often dine out, eat junk and unhealthy. But, strengthening your metabolism is must too. Since you can’t dine out in the lockdown phase and eat junk food, it is the perfect time to detox your body.  

You can find simple and easy recipes online to prepare a detoxifying drink. You can even drink lemon juice with water or simple steps like replacing your regular coffee with green tea can even prove beneficial for you. 

3. Take adequate sleep during the lockdown phase

Take Adequate Sleep

Working for long hours in the offices and taking stress has become a way of lifestyle for every individual in the modern era around us. Following a tough routine and then coming back home, where one misses out on taking care of ourselves. Many of us do not even get time for a night of proper sleep. And, then waking up the next day, we might actually feel that we are less productive.

Relaxing your mind and body is the only way to make yourself stress-free and more productive. Since during the lockdown phase, you need to be at home try taking an adequate deep sleep of at least 7-8 hours a day and you will definitely feel more rejoiced and relaxed the next day.

4. Eat something healthy

While many of us today are staying home, it is important to maintain nutrition in the body. We need to take a proper and healthy diet. And, it’s also true that while working from home, you can’t be efficient with an empty stomach. You need to keep your body energized and hydrated all the time. 

For this, take out spare time and go out to a grocery store nearby and bring-in lot of fruits and vegetables, lentils, pulses, and protein-based readymade foods. Eat fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. You can even try to boost your immunity in this health crisis and lockdown with the nutritious shots we have recommended here.

5. Stage your bedroom

Stage your bedroom

Staying in your home in the lockdown phase can be full of boredoms especially when you are following the same monotonous routine. You need to sit back at home in the ongoing COVID-19 crisis for the sake of your health though it may feel monotonous. 

So, what can you do in this lockdown phase for a little rejoice? Start with your bedroom. You might have ample time in your hands so it’s the perfect time for you to change the appearance of your bedroom. You can try simple things like putting on posters or your family photos on the wall, putting plants near the window, and even using fairy lights to spice things up! 

6. Develop a new hobby

Develop a new hobby

It is often said that most people have two lives —  one which we are currently living and one is an unlived life which we always wanted to live. And, it’s true! Most of us have a particular hobby or interest apart from our work which we tend to put aside for the sake of our career. Since all of us are at home during the lockdown phase, it is the perfect time to nurture your interest. 

Many of us might be interested in poetry or painting or even cooking. So why not replace the boring moments of quarantine by doing something creative! 

7. Binge-watching TV series during the lockdown phase

The current health crisis scenario demands us to stay at home. This can be boring for fun and adventure lovers! So, what else can be done to evade the boredoms of the lockdown phase? You can obviously start binge-watching a new TV series online on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

If you still can’t decide what to watch to kill your boredom, what are friends for? Your friends can definitely recommend you to watch a new web series matching your genre and interest.

8. Learn a new skill

During the lockdown phase going out is not recommended. You can find a lot of means to entertain yourself online on the platforms we suggested above. But if you are looking out for something more productive while staying at home, you should utilise the internet for learning a new skill online.

You can find numerous online platforms to learn a new skill which offer free courses like digital marketing, graphic designing, and much more.

9. Do some cardio at home

Do some cardio at home

People nowadays in the current COVID-19 scenario can’t venture out for a walk and also lockdown phase, find it hard to find a gym around. But you need to maintain your health while staying at home too.

You can start with simple exercises that can be done at home like pushups, situps, crunches, and skipping.

9. Learn new recipes

Learn new recipes

Staying at home in the lockdown phase can fall hard on people especially the foodies who like to hang out in restaurants and food streets. But in the age of the internet, everything is possible in the comforts of your own kitchen. You can find a number of recipes online worth trying and sharing with your friends and family. 

11. Spend more time with your family

Spend more time with family

People who work for long hours in offices often do not get much time to spend much time with their family and kids. Since we all have been directed to stay at home during the lockdown phase, it is the perfect time to have fun with your family.

You can enjoy many moments together like watching a movie, cooking together and even enjoying fun indoor games.

12. Make a call to your friends and relatives

In our busy office routines, we do not get enough time to reconnect with family members and friends. Staying at home during the lockdown phase, you might find some spare time and would want definitely want to reconnect with your old friends.

Since you can’t travel far distances and are advised to stay at home for the most part of the COVID crisis, you can make a phone call to them. You can even use platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts to connect with them more closely.

13. Read a book

Read a book during lockdown phase

It is truly said that books are your all-time best friends. Most of us have read textbooks to boost up our knowledge during our school days but there are people who have grown to love the activity. But in the busy office routine, many of us do not ample time to pursue this all-time favourite hobby. 

While you are directed to stay at home, it is time to start this hobby once more for a span of three weeks. You can read a range of books of genres like fiction, non-fiction, etc. either in paperback or as an ebook. And who knows, this may become a good habit of yours in the future! 

14. Listen to some music

Listen to some music during lockdown phase

Listening to music can be your passion or your favourite thing to do to pass time. It can lighten up your mood and bring in positivity in the air around and help you get rid of negative thoughts. You can tune into your all-time favourite songs and enjoy them while staying at home during the lockdown phase.

15. Remember, always stay positive

Staying at home, going through an alarming calamity COVID-19 can be full of distress. Getting to know the news of people becoming sick and even dying can bring-in agony and panic in you. But the need of the hour is to maintain calm and positivity. Remember that history is evident that we all have seen harsher times and have successfully evaded them by maintaining positivity in the air around. This is the reason why you should include this new habit in your life if you haven’t already! 

Staying at home and following the same routine over and over again can be full of boredoms for all of us. But for the sake of our health and the health of our loved ones, we should follow the directives strictly as suggested by the concerned authorities. Though staying at home in the lockdown phase may seem hard for you but you can always find a light of hope every time you face the darkness! And, the 15 new things we discussed above are surely worth giving a try to slay the boredom of staying at home! 

In the wake of COVID-19, where most PGs and apartments are asking employees to vacate their rooms for safety, Colive still cares for its residents. We have taken a number of steps to maintain hygiene without compromising the services offered at our facilities. We always care about the security and safety of our residents. Visit our website to know more!