Roommates can make life oh-so fun-filling. Sharing meals, taking jibes at each other, and quarreling over petty issues only add to the joy of life. Also, some roommates plan their
workout routine together. However, you must choose a like-minded roommate to avoid uncomfortable situations. Anyways, we have listed 15 things you can do with your roommates below.

1)      Plan a Movie Night

If you and your roommates are fans of the same superstar, you all can stock up on their movies and indulge in binge-watching the film collection over a weekend. Throw in some popcorn, sodas, chips, and pizzas because what’s a party without them, right?

2)      Exercise Together

You and your roommate can establish an exercise routine, whereby you can perform yoga, dance, or engage in outdoor sports. You all then can inspire each other to stay fit during the workout sessions.

3)      Organize spa sessions at home

Pampering each other with facials, massages, and manicures is another way to bond with your roommates after a tiring workout routine.

4)      Coordinate study schedules

Studying with your roommate can be both productive and enjoyable. Only ensure to have a study schedule that balances work and play. When you study in a group, you can understand complex concepts better. Moreover, you receive the much-needed moral support to perform well in your exams.

5)      Indulge in cleaning sessions

On the days you and your roommates are taking a break from the daily exercise routine, you all can plan to declutter your apartment by removing all the unwanted stuff. Additionally, the cleaning tasks can be allocated among you all to keep the personal spaces nice, fresh, and sweet smelling.

6)      Host Parties

Hosting barbeque nights or music marathons with mutual friends are good ways of fostering a sense of community when you all are away from your families and have only each other to depend upon.

7)      Relish local cuisine

Visiting a local restaurant to devour local specialties after your workout routine with your beloved roommate makes for a joyful culinary experience.

8)      Embark on a Shopping Spree

When you are planning your shopping expeditions with your roommates, make sure you have your shopping list ready. That’s because you might forget to buy some important items when you and your roommate are giggling endlessly over something you both found funny.

9)      Dance the Night Away

Pump up the music and dance to your favorite tunes like there’s no tomorrow. Unwinding with your roommates over music can strengthen the bonds that you all share.

10)   Visit the popular tourist attractions

You can also bond with your roommates while exploring the surrounding iconic places on weekends when you all have time off from work or study.

11)   Attend Live Concerts

If a popular band is playing in the city, you and your roommates, can attend the live concert. Live music in an electrifying atmosphere will have all of you screaming and cheering out loud.

12)   Celebrate Together

By celebrating cultural festivals such as Halloween and Thanksgiving together with your roommates, you all will not feel lonely when staying away from home.

13)   Cook Dinner

When you and your roommates plan to cook together, remember to allocate the chopping, cooking, and cleaning tasks evenly as a mark of sportsmanship.

14)   Try Skating

No matter that you and your roommate are not the world’s greatest skaters. What matters is that you both fall while skating and have a hearty laugh over the mishap.

15)   Take a Road Trip

There may be times when you and your roommate are longing to take a road trip. Well, what’s stopping the both of you from taking some days off from work or studying to fulfill this wish?


Always extend the olive branch to your roommates when you all are living together. It’s better than acting as strangers. You never know that your roommate could just become your new best friend.