Home is where the heart is. However, we all need to leave the comfort and safety of our home and venture out to search for better lifestyle and means of subsistence. From studies, to work, to personal reasons, there are many factors which result in us living away from the place we call home.

When we are young, we can’t wait to leave behind our parent’s house and move to our own abode. There is an inane excitement in the beginning when you are shifting to a new place, however, the excitement turns into depression soon when you start to miss certain things that made your earlier house, your sweet home.

You may be living in the same city, but in a different neighborhood, however, it may start to feel as if you have been set adrift amongst strangers in a strange place. We have collected a list of 10 things about home that makes us homesick and nostalgic.


10 Things About Home That Makes Us Homesick


1. Home-Cooked Food

Although food, at every home, tastes significantly different, even then there is an insane attachment for it. Every one of us feels that our home-cooked food is the best of all. Definitely, it is comparatively healthier and safer to have home food, than the slop served in the canteen or in college hostels. It is far tastier than even the food we may cook ourselves.


2. Your Bed

Our bed, the pillows, covers, and blankets at home are all attached with some of the best memories of our childhood. Each of these pieces of home linen has proved to give comfort and times of fright and stress and made us feel secure and satisfied at other times. No matter how old you get, the temptation of simply lying on your childhood bed and forgetting the day-to-day stress is huge for every one of us.


3. Your Family

Your family is what makes a house into a warm and comfortable zone. Mom’s caring and loving nature, and dad’s funny moments are all memories of your childhood home. Finding yourself living alone, or with stranger roommates, often tends to increase the feeling of being homesick, when you stay away from home.


4. Cleaner Bathrooms

Living in a hostel, or shared accommodation, makes you realize the value of a clean bathroom. At home, you always found the bathroom spic and span, thanks to your mother’s efforts. However, when you begin to live in a hostel, or rented accommodation, you realize the horrible state of the bathroom, owing to its communal function. If you live in a rented apartment, then you are faced with the horrifying aspect of keeping your bathroom clean yourself.


5. Childhood Company

The friends you grow up with tend to leave their memories with you even if you are staying away from your home. These memories are exceptionally clear in our mind as they make a lasting impression and are some of the happiest memories from that time, we have. Missing childhood friends is reported to be one of the major factors that result in the feeling of being homesick.


6. Old Hangouts

The corner shop in your locality, or the playground where you spent some of the most memorable moments of your childhood, tend to get imprinted in your mind. You may find yourself trying to remember small details which you took for granted earlier, of your old haunts, especially when you start to feel homesick.


7. Chunks of Childhood

The small knickknacks, such as your old school bag or uniform, your childhood toys, certain school projects, etc, are things that keep your connection to your past childhood alive, even when you are older. We can’t always carry these things along when we move out of our house and these things can become a part of the reason that makes you miss home even more.


8. Mornings with Mom

Don’t we all fondly remember the time’s mom would wake us up every morning? Sometimes, it would be a soothing whisper in the ear or you may find your mother yelling in your ears to wake you up after a late night. Whatever may have been the case, we all miss our mother’s morning wake-up calls.


9. Cleanliness

We all remember how clean and shiny our house used to be when we were kids. Seeing your mother dusting and wiping every day becomes such a habit that we tend to forget how much effort it takes to keep a house clean and healthy. This is realized once we are responsible for cleaning our hostel rooms or rented accommodation ourselves.


10. Laundry-less Living

Do you remember worrying about a clean shirt before school, when you were a kid living at home? Of course, you don’t because doing the laundry was your mother’s responsibility. When you have to wash your own clothes and worry about having a clean pair of clothes for the next day, you soon realize how easy we had it at home.


Final Thoughts


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