Young individuals often walk the tightrope between paying their monthly bills and attempting to save from what is left of their earnings. Most of the working professionals in metropolitan cities comprise of youth who have migrated from small towns with the dream of making it big. No wonder there is an increasing demand for accommodations and flats that are decent, spacious, clean, and affordable. 

Moreover, even when individuals secure an affordable flat, most of the times they are dissatisfied with the amenities and end up feeling sore about their stay away from hometown. In such a situation, life becomes a different experience with co-living. The concept of co-living has been popular in western countries for many decades, the residents live in furnished rooms with access to all basic necessities of living and even avail all kinds of luxury.

Sharing a flat with other people and distributing the monthly expenses fairly often leads to a lot of hassle. In co-living or communal living, people can have a peaceful stay with easy access to all the provisions such as community kitchen, workspace, gym, laundry, mini-theatre, and much more. By deciding to co-live, individuals can live with like-minded people in smart and stylish homes that are supported by recreational facilities.

Here are a few things about how co-living is better than renting a flat:

• An economical move: There is no denying the fact that rents are one of the biggest concerns when one is on the search of shelter. Co-living spaces are affordable when compared to the flats in the cities. Also, you can enjoy your piece of mind since there is no chance of commotion with the landlord.

• Kitchen facilities: The kitchens in co-living homes are fully equipped and come with the provision of gas, chimney, and utensils. This is definitely preferable to a flat where one has to take care of the entire process right from booking the gas to stocking up on other cooking essentials. Moreover, in co-living spaces, these kitchens turn into community kitchens, a great place to socialize and exchange interesting recipes.

• Independence and privacy: At the end of a tiresome day, every person seeks to lie down in peace and listen to music or read their favourite classic. Co-living is designed to offer a tranquil and energizing living environment for the individuals where they can socialize or head out to their private space.

• Endless amenities: You don’t have to worry about the mundane task of laundry and housekeeping in co-living homes. There is a provision for high-speed internet and quiet places set up for occasions when the resident chooses to work from home. One can also establish a workout regimen with the gym and sports center in a co-living home.

Co-living lets you experience the best of both worlds. You never feel lonely on festivities as these spaces give you a sense of harmonious communal living.

So, never let the chaos and commotion of normative apartments steal your peace because there is always an option to indulge in a solitary living with the best of household amenities in a co-living space. Find out your so-living space at Colive. Visit