fully furnished coliving space vs PG in Bangalore

Bangalore becomes the second home to many young working professionals every year. Thus, there is no dearth of PGs in Bangalore. However the living conditions of a PG in Bangalore is often not up to our expectations despite the monthly rentals that they charge.

On the other hand, co-living communities are highly appropriate for newcomers who can avail luxurious amenities within their budget and also beat the feeling of homesickness  by being a part of the communal living in such shared spaces.

Here are some of the reasons for you to go for a spacious co-living quarter rather than a dreary room at some PG in Bangalore:

Pocket-Friendly Alternative:

Even though one can get paying guest accommodations in cheaper prices, the living experience in return is mostly horrendous. Youngsters spend their money on services that should generally be included in the accommodation itself.  Co-living spaces on the other hand, give you endless amenities all-inclusive of the monthly rental bill.

Additional Provision for Safety and Security:

Most of the PGs in Bangalore does not give you the guarantee and security of your personal objects in your absence. Co-living accommodations come with additional security features such as Facial Recognition Based Key Management, CCTV & Video Surveillance, Secured door entry and an Emergency Response team. In case of any mis happening, you can secure footage of your stolen property and retrieve it from the culprit.  

Premium Amenities:

Millennials nowadays are going out of their way to join gym or other sports centre in order to rejuvenate after a tiresome week of workload. Unlike the PG in Bangalore, co-living spaces include gym, fitness room, meditation halls, movie rooms  and even gaming consoles for residents to unwind in homely spaces. To top it all, these amenities are included within your rent and you do not have to pay a single penny extra!

Independence from Landlord’s Restrictions:

It is natural to feel strongly about rules with regard to time and utilities from time to time from your owner, especially when you are paying for all that with your hard-earned money. A co-living space is any day better than any PG in Bangalore for it eliminates the possibility of any unwarranted rules.

Community Living:

Co-living is an ideal living situation for millennials and Gen Z to reside with the like-minded community and form amicable relations within the community, which is as diverse as the city itself.

Shifting to a new city is never a smooth process. The experiences are vast and varied- from learning the ropes of the trade at a workplace to gradually getting acquainted with the distinct culture and language of a city.

In light of these challenges, a proper and peaceful living condition becomes immensely important. So make a fine choice of living to derive the peace of mind that makes you more productive at your work.

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