Welcome to the
Big Bubble

A safehouse of wonders that enables rich, meaningful, and experiential living.

The art of co-living

Welcome to a gamified co-habitation challenge of epic proportions, where like-minded people will join hands, breathe, eat, cook, exercise, work and co-liveup to their potential.

All of this, in a safe, sanitized & isolated environment.




Days in safehouse


A Unique NFT Reward Token

high stakes.high spirits.high reward.

A transformative
co-living experience

A chance to redeem & redesign yourself - mind, body, soul.

make new friends

eat better eat healthy

Start a fitness regime

pick up a new hobby

learn a new life skill

become an influencer

And then,
there were

  • Millennial diversity
  • Cultural convergence
  • Millennial diversity
  • Ocean of new ideas
  • Inspiration to express
  • Assisted wellness
  • Limitless energy of carefree minds


Designedfor self-discovery. Inspiredby vipassana.

  • Private rooms
  • Furnished & sanitized living
  • 3 times hygienic, tasty & nutrition food
  • Blazing fast connectivity (100GB WiFi)
  • On-demand healthcare
  • Concierge services
  • Emotional immunity & creative self-expression
  • Assisted wellness & fitness regimens
  • A chance to win with A Unique NFT

30 Days of Inspiration

What do we provide?

Quantified Scoring Protocol

Say hello to the



players tolivestream their daily adventures & activities


One daily group livestream session on Colive TV


number of livestream hour adds to player's net score

what's cool

best practices

what's not cool

restricted activities

what's not cool

restricted activities

Applications &Process

How to get inside
Colive Big Bubble

Fill in your profile

Fill in your profile, get selected based on Compatibility

Participation Fee

All inclusive one time rental of Rs.10,900

All inclusive one time rental of Rs.10,900

All applicants must produce a negative RT-PCR test.

Thank you.

Please wait for 6-7 business days after submitting your application