Average Price ranges PG's

Bangalore has seen a significant increase in professionals, students, and migrants in recent years. This inflow will result in a greater requirement for adequate housing. Nowadays, many people prefer to stay in a paying guest (PG) establishment. 

If you are a student, a young professional, or a newcomer to Bangalore, you should be well-versed in the price trends of the PG market. Come along on a journey to solve the riddles behind the price of a single-room PG in Bangalore.

What is a PG (Paying Guest) accommodation?

Paying guest accommodation, commonly known as a PG, is a popular housing option in Bangalore and many other Indian cities. It is a rental arrangement where individuals or students, often newcomers to a city, stay as paying guests in a residential property or a private home. 

In exchange for a monthly fee, PG residents are provided with a furnished room, meals, and various amenities, depending on the type of PG. This arrangement offers a convenient and flexible solution for temporary or affordable housing.

Types of PG accommodations in Bangalore

Locals in Bangalore can access a large selection of PGs, so they may select one that fits their demands and price. The city has a wide range of PG hotels, such as:

  • Single-room PGs: Unlike those living in shared dorms, renters in single-room PGs get their bedrooms. Individuals who work in professions that demand seclusion, like students, typically favor these.
  • Multi-sharing PGs: It’s typical for tenants in PGs to share a room with another person. Multi-sharing apartments are a common option for students and low-income individuals because of their lower overall costs.
  • Gender-specific PGs: Certain PGs cater to distinct genders, offering a secure and cozy environment for each according to their requirements.
  • Couple PGs: Married individuals or couples find these PGs excellent because they have separate living spaces and bedrooms.
  • Luxury PGs: These offer a higher standard of living with roomy, tastefully furnished rooms, the newest conveniences, and frequently additional services like housekeeping and fast internet, representing the pinnacle of the shared housing industry.
  • Homestays: Homestays allow students to live with a host family, who can offer a cozier and more familiar environment. If you would rather be in a setting that is more familiar and comfortable, this is the way to go.

Benefits of Single-room PGs

Even though there are many shared housing alternatives in Bangalore, single-room PGs have become increasingly popular.

  • PGs give their tenants privacy because of their separate bedrooms. You don’t have to worry about a roommate, and you can relax in privacy.
  • Renting a single room provides a certain amount of independence beneficial to individuals seeking solitude, working professionals, or students.
  • Adding unique elements could make your room seem cozier. To customize the room and make it more comfortable, feel free to make any aesthetic and practical changes.
  • Most one-room rental apartments prioritize their residents’ sense of security, so they incorporate amenities like gated entrances, CCTV cameras, and attentive staff.
  • A private room can give you the concentrated environment you need to work or study if you’re a student or require one for other purposes.

Factors Affecting the Price of Single-room PGs in Bangalore  

The price of a single PG room in Bangalore might vary significantly based on several factors.

  • Location

An important factor in evaluating the price of a single-room PG in Bangalore is its location. Compared to outlying areas, prime locations for PGs—such as those near colleges, IT clusters, or corporate centers—usually have higher monthly costs. Asking rates may vary depending on how close a property is to hospitals, supermarkets, public transportation, and other helpful services and amenities.

  • Facilities and amenities

A PG’s cost will change based on the range of features and services it offers. High-end PGs typically provide air conditioning, Wi-Fi, round-the-clock power backup, contemporary furniture, and home-cooked meals. A conventional PG is less expensive since it doesn’t include as many contemporary conveniences.

  • Room size and configuration

A PG’s single room rate may vary depending on the size and layout of the room, among other factors. Extra fees apply to rooms with more space or extravagance, such as a balcony.

  • Food Services

PGs that provide daily meals as part of the package may charge more than those where residents need to arrange their food. The quality and variety of meals can also impact the price.

  • Security and Services

If PGs offer services like biometric access or on-call security guards, they may raise their charges to cover the cost of providing more security. Services like washing, maintenance, and cleaning could raise the overall cost.

  • Seasonal Variations:

The cost of PG in Bangalore varies with the seasons. The busiest time of year for PG hotels, according to the academic calendar, is either before or right after classes resume. Nonetheless, because there is less demand during semester breaks, costs might be lowered.

Average PG Prices

If you’re specifically looking for what is the price of a single-room PG in Bangalore, you can anticipate the following price ranges:

  • Standard Single Room PG: Monthly prices typically vary from 7,000 to 20,000 rupees.
  • Fully Furnished Single Room PG: For those seeking a more luxurious and well-equipped living experience, fully furnished single room PGs with comprehensive amenities can range from 15,000 to 20,000 rupees per month, with variations based on the location.

Popular Areas in Bangalore and Their Average Price Ranges for Single-room PGs

  • Koramangala: Popular among youthful professionals and students, Koramangala is renowned for its lively social scene. Monthly rates for PGs in single rooms can vary between ₹10,000 and ₹20,000, contingent upon the amenities and facilities provided.
  • Indiranagar: This upscale locality boasts excellent dining options and is close to tech parks. Single-room PGs in Indiranagar can range from ₹12,000 to ₹20,000 per month.
  • HSR Layout: IT professionals aspire to live in HSR Layout because it is close to important IT parks and corporate headquarters. You can find single-room PGs ranging from ₹9,000 to ₹18,000 per month.
  • Jayanagar: Known for its green spaces and accessibility, Jayanagar has single-room PGs with average prices ranging from ₹8,000 to ₹16,000 per month.
  • Electronic City: A hub for IT companies, Electronic City offers a mix of budget and luxury PG accommodations. Prices for single-room PGs here can vary from ₹7,000 to ₹18,000 per month.

Tips for Finding the Right Single-Room PG

  • Before you begin wondering what the price of a single-room PG in Bangalore is, calculate how much you can realistically put toward your PG. Think about how much money you spend per month on necessities like housing, transportation, food, and entertainment.
  • Utilize apps, websites, and other digital platforms made expressly to offer Bangalore PG listings. 
  • Bargain with the PG owner or manager for reduced rent or other costs. Be moderate and kind when negotiating. 
  • It’s critical to read the entire lease agreement and ensure no surprises before making a final decision.
  • Select a PG that fits your comfort level and preferences, in addition to your budget. 

Colive offers a variety of high-end PG accommodations with amenities such as biometric access, in-house gyms, and communal areas for socializing. Prices for single-room PGs in Colive properties generally start at ₹8,000 per month.


One should be aware that the price of a single room at a Bangalore PG can vary greatly depending on several criteria, including the building’s location, the services it offers, and the quality of its amenities. The city has numerous options to suit various requirements and price ranges. We trust that this information will be useful to you while you search for a PG in Bangalore. When selecting a PG, you should carefully assess your needs, priorities, and financial situation.