‘Vocal For Local’ Mantra: How Coliving Makes You Aatma Nirbhar?

‘Vocal For Local’ Mantra: How Coliving Makes You Aatma Nirbhar?

It was only a month ago when the bugle of the ‘Vocal for Local’ Campaign was blown. It is since then that many businesses are trying to figure out a way to get back on track as the nation slowly comes out of the lockdown phase across states in phases. Life had been hard for all citizens of the nation in the past couple of months with a number of restrictions put on their movement and all being advised to stay back at home and practice hygienic measures to keep themselves and others safe. 

Yet as the nation now slowly exits from the imposed lockdown, the millennials have been looking out for a clean, hygienic and well-maintained homes across the cities of Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. As a matter of fact, they are focusing more on ‘clean homes’ instead of ‘cheap homes’ while searching for a suitable home. This has opened doors of numerous possibilities for the real estate and the coliving industry which seemed to be derailed for a while as a setback of the lockdown and the COVID-19 crisis. Talking especially about the Coliving industry, how does it become a voice of the ‘Vocal for Local’ Campaign? How can Coliving make you truly Aatma Nirbhar? Let’s talk about the same in detail.

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On May 12, 2020, Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi was expected to make the much-awaited announcement for the next phase of lockdown and the related changes, while the nation had arrived close to the end of the third phase of lockdown. Though the much-awaited announcement was made, handing over the later decision on the ongoing lockdown to the states, the concept of ‘Aatma Nirbhar’ Campaign or the ‘Vocal for Local’ Mantra was also introduced. 

Elaborating on the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign, the PM focused on making India self-reliant, not only for the workers and laborers but also for the locals, the youth, and the millennials. The five pillars supporting the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign were also discussed which namely were —  Economy, Infrastructure, System, Vibrant Demography, and Demand. Though the Indian economy, much-like the other global economies, has suffered widely in the wake of the global pandemic of Coronavirus, some necessary steps need to be taken by businesses to get back on track. The ‘Vocal for Local’ Campaign seems to be one of such steps that would not only make India self-reliant but will also motivate the youth to work hand-in-hand to cope with the losses suffered as a result of the health crisis and lockdown. 

Moreover, the movement also talks about and aims to become a voice for the local products of the nation and take them to the international markets. There were also talks about bold economic reforms as per the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign to make cottage industry, MSMEs, laborers, industries, and the middle class self-reliant. Finally, a special economic and comprehensive package of ₹20 lakh crores —  equivalent to 10% of India’s GDP was also allocated for the same to prosper and achieve the target by FY-2025. This surely will help the local and indigenous industries prosper and compete at the global level. 

But where does the Coliving industry go beyond this announcement and how will it make you truly ‘Aatma Nirbhar’ and become the voice of ‘Vocal for Local’? Let’s discuss this in detail. 

The Concept of Coliving and How does it make you ‘Aatma Nirbhar’?

Coliving , the voice of 'Vocal for Local'

The Coliving industry much-like the Coworking sector is a new concept in the real estate sector which as the name suggests is a shared community of people across cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai living together in a shared space. It aims to provide rental homes to millennials at an affordable rate with premium amenities. Much-like other sectors in India, the real estate industry, especially the Coliving sphere too has suffered considerable losses in the past couple of months with less potential customers and sales. It will need to get back on track for a healthy business and revenue post the phase of health crisis and lockdown. It will need to work on a number of strategies, rework on the old ones, and introduce the new ones. 

Yet, post the lockdown there is definitely some scope for the real estate sector, especially in the Coliving industry. A recent report suggests that the impact on real estate will just be a phase and it will bounce back post the health crisis and lockdown. This is because of many reasons. The first, obviously, is the unorganized arrangement of players in the rental industry which necessarily means that because petty landlords and real estate agents can’t promise a safe home to its tenants, it is an opportunity —  a golden stair for the Coliving Industry to climb. The second will be the inclination of millennials towards a cleaner and safer space and they would tend to lean more towards the Coliving industry providing them a cleaner home with modern amenities to ensure the same. Moreover, even the real estate businesses will like to invest in and convert their inventories into Coliving spaces to generate more revenue.

But now the question is, how will the industry put the concept of ‘Vocal for Local’ to good use? Is Coliving truly making its residents ‘Aatma Nirbhar’? As we discussed above, Coliving or community living is a community of like-minded people living together in a shared space. Most people when shifting to a new place like Bangalore, think about a proper living space at an affordable rate with premium amenities. But, a big city like Bangalore doesn’t really provide them the same with all features they need from a proper home. Some rental homes might promise them good amenities but won’t fit in their budget and others promising them an affordable stay will lack the adequate amenities they expect.  

But with the advent of the concept of Coliving, it is surely becoming the voice of ‘Vocal for Local’ by promising home seekers an affordable home without compromising the quality of services offered. Located near corporate offices and in the vicinity of IT Parks which makes their commuting easier. With a standard living and chic designer rooms with top-notch security features, millennials now can easily afford a high-quality lifestyle. Even in times such as the outbreak of the pandemic of Coronavirus globally, the coliving industry continued providing its residents with a clean, hygienic, and safe stay, being equipped with the latest technology and amenities no other rental homes or PGs can provide. Coliving spaces became a boon for many residents fearful about a safer environment to stay and became a second home outside their hometowns, thus becoming the voice of ‘Vocal for Local’, making the residents ‘Aatma Nirbhar’. 

So when you live within a coliving community, you aren’t dependent on your family living in your hometown. You are served homelike premium facilities in your own personal space and you get to live with like-minded people in a community who in time become like your family and friends. So, isn’t Coliving making you truly ‘Aatma Nirbhar’?

Colive is one of such key players in the Coliving Industry which has truly become the voice of the concept of Aatma Nirbhar. With its fully-furnished rental houses across Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai, it is surely giving the millennials a reason to place their trust in the ‘Power of Co’. We, at Colive, aren’t only providing the residents with an affordable stay with premium amenities but also have continued serving them well even in the times of the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. Where there were reports of landlords and PG owners asking their tenants to leave their facilities in the wake of the virus, Colive continues to provide them a safe, clean, and hygienic stay without compromising the quality of services offered. Want to know more about the services offered at Colive, visit our website now!