Types of landlords you will meet in PGs or Rental Houses

All of us need an independent life these days. Whether you’re a student or a working person, you will have to move out of the comforts of your hometown someday to lead an independent life. And, most importantly the obvious reason behind it would be making your career or pursuing your dreams. Deciding on shifting to a PG, a shared room or an apartment will be the new choice to make, you’ll come across when you leave behind your hometown. Where would you be living in? Who would be providing you with accommodation? —  are the many questions that need to be answered once you decide to move out of your hometown. But we are certain, you will meet different types of landlords in the journey of your home search.

Let’s discuss the challenges of shifting to a new town first. So, as we discussed above, depending upon the career you’ve pursued and your job location, you’ll have to shift to a new and unfamiliar town. And, millennials these days prefer Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore —  which are the major IT hubs in the But your challenges do not end there! Have you considered which types of landlords are you going to come across? Let’s elaborate.

Get ready to find the best affordable home for you. Definitely not a piece of cake —  is it? First of all, you’ll cross paths with the issue of finding an abode in a location that suits you the best either economically or with the one near your office. Looking out for a home near one’s workplace is the most urgent need because believe me if you live in metropolitan cities like Bangalore you’ll find yourself stuck in heavy traffic jams for hours.

The second issue is finding a budget-friendly home that should not only be pocket-friendly but also with basic amenities. But finding a suitable home fulfilling both these conditions will be really hard. Then you’ll be left with no choice other than settling down for a PG or a shared room for your personal space. And living in PG or shared room, you can’t know which types of landlords are ready to welcome you in?

You can’t always find such types of landlords in India who will make your stay in a PG or rental house seem homely. And, it’s true! This is because when you are renting a home, it is based on a mutual contract between a landlord and a tenant. Sometimes landlords won’t find you as the perfect tenant and sometimes just the opposite.

Moreover, changing your room every time you end up with an unfavorable landlord, can be the best alternative to this. Then, depending upon the types of landlords you end up with, you will also need to adapt and make some adjustments from your end too! 

Talking about the types of landlords, some can be cool, some can be angry, and some can even hate it when you bring friends home or do late-night parties.  Here are 10 types of landlords whom you would definitely meet if you stay in a PG or rental house.

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  1. The ‘Poky Nose’ ones

The ‘Poky Nose’ ones
Source: Dhol (2007)

These types of landlords are the most common ones in India. They will always keep an eye on you and all of your activities. These days most apartments and PGs have security cameras for safety but why need them when you already have a ‘Poky Nose’ landlord who will keep a close watch on all of your activities and always find some flaws during your stay in their properties.

Some common questions to land on you will be —  Who was the girl who came to your room last night? Why is the windowpane of your window broken? 

  1. The non-existent

The non-existent
Source: Friends

You are the luckiest if you end up with the ‘non-existent’ types of landlords. Like the full moon —  they rarely make any appearance and aren’t bothered by whom are you bringing home or at what time are you coming back home. They just make an appearance or two whenever they need rent and so are the ‘non-existent’ ones and would rarely bother you.

All you need to do is keep them happy by paying your rents on time and they wouldn’t care about anything else. 

We wish all of us could end up with such types of landlords who wouldn’t bother us much and we could enjoy our stay, bringing in friends, relatives, and even pets.

  1. You’re on board, They’re abroad

You're on board, they're abroad
Source: Hera Pheri (2000)

There are many landlords especially in cities like Bangalore and New Delhi, who put out their houses on rent and themselves stay abroad. You are lucky when you end up with these types of landlords, who wouldn’t bother you much as they stay in a foreign country like Dubai or Canada. They generally fix a caretaker or a real estate agent to collect their monthly rent.

All you need to do then is to pay a monthly rent to them and evade all woes, enjoy your stay and call your friends and throw a house party. 

  1. The neatness freaks

The neatness freaks
Source: Bend it Like Beckham (2002)

We all are surrounded by neatness freaks in and around us but often some end up bothering others, just to soothe their eyes with some cleanliness. Such is the case with some Indian landlords who expect you to keep your room clean when you are staying in a PG or a rental house.

They will closely monitor your hygiene habits and will often judge you for not keeping your room neat and tidy. Don’t believe us, go live in some rental houses of Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi! You will definitely meet one. This landlady who offered her home to you so nicely will then become your worst nightmare.

The landlady whom you referred to as your ‘aunty’ would like to inspect your house and shouts will come at you if they find even a bit of paper lying on the floor. 

  1. The chatty landlords

The chatty landlords
Source: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

Though expecting a nice landlord is your need when you stay outside your home, but an overly nice landlord can be your nightmare too. They would just call you to remind you to pay your rent on time and this small talk can turn into a full episode of a chatshow.

The landlord would talk to you for hours on topics like politics, family, and several others you wouldn’t be interested in. If not on phone, you can be a victim even when you step out of your room to buy some commodities from the nearby grocery store. Your landlord uncle or aunty wouldn’t understand your valuable time and talk to you, often enquiring about your family which could last for hours! 

  1. The surprise visitors

The surprise visitors
Source: Permanent Roommates (2014)

Imagine throwing a party for your friends on a weekend. You are in the best of your mood and want to enjoy with them and even dance on some music. And, your landlord lands in right in the middle of it, knocking on your door. What would happen next? We imagine you would ask your friends to hide inside and immediately lower the volume of the music player, before opening the door.

This is the sanest thing to do in such a situation. After ensuring all these things, comes the challenge of dealing with your landlord and telling him what was happening inside and why were you being so noisy? Your perfect party mood destroyed just because of your landlord, isn’t it? The same can even happen when you call your girlfriend/boyfriend home on the weekend. The landlords who are surprise visitors can definitely be your nightmares!

  1. The eagle-eyed ones

Types of Landlords: The eagle-eyed ones
Source: Honest Indian Weddings (AIB)

Some landlords are truly vigilant about what you are doing, how you live, and whom you bring inside your rental home or apartment. Believe it or not, they are eagle-eyed on what’s happening inside even when you can’t suspect them to.

Such types of landlords can be the worst who would always be keen on knowing what’s being cooked inside your kitchen. You stay beware of them as they are constantly watching you and you don’t want to give them a reason to bother you. 

  1. The Supercool ones

The Supercool ones
Source: Wake Up Sid (2009)

Ever heard of ‘Supercool Landlords’? Yes, they do exist. Ranging from your aunty who likes to offer you her handmade, homestyle pohas on the weekends to the uncles who offer to drop you to the office while heading out —  they truly are the supercool landlords.

They may be a dream for you, but once realized you are never going to miss your home. But sadly, they are extremely rare and hard to find!

  1. The Slothfuls 

The Slothfuls 
Source: Three Idiots (2009)

Believe us, these types of landlords are the worst. First of all, it is hard to find a suitable home that suits you the best at an affordable price, but then you start finding small faults in the house like leaky taps, slow ceiling fans, and many more. Then you want to get these issues as fast as you can and so you decide to call your landlord.

But with him being lazy, it can take months for repairing even if it is a small issue. The landlord will promise you that he will be sending some help soon but you would have to remind him constantly time and again.

  1. No visitors allowed

Types of Landlords: No visitors allowed
Source: The Unbelievable Landlord (Being Indian)

This is one of the worst conditions put forward by landlords with excuses like ‘we live in a society’ and many more. Yet even the ones who do not let you know these conditions before wouldn’t be cool with you bringing your friends home. They would hate you throwing a party and even will warn you in case you do not listen to them.

Then all your dreams of bringing your girlfriend/boyfriend and close friends home and enjoying your weekend with them will never turn into a reality. 

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What do you need to do then? All you need to do is ask them all the conditions before you move into your new abode.

Staying outside your hometown, you only have one option to get a house or PG on rent. Yet these rental homes, can’t truly be like your hometown with numerous restrictions put forward by different types of landlords you will come across in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore. What would you do to evade the stress these landlords bring-in? All you need is a shared or coliving space that comes stress-free at an affordable rate. 

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