These tips will help you to find an affordable PG in an expensive area like JP Nagar
These tips will help you to find an affordable PG in an expensive area like JP Nagar

Jayaprakash Nagar, commonly known as JP Nagar is one of the most prestigious and largest neighborhoods in Bangalore. The posh upmarket residential area has grown into one of the best suburbs in the city. It offers a mix of both hip urban communities and greenery-filled residential spaces that everyone aspires to live in. 

The place offers a prime location, adjacent to BTM, Bannerghatta, Jaya Nagar, etc. Featuring schools, hospitals, marts, and all essential amenities the place offers as much convenience as one might expect. 

With all kinds of fun provisions just around the block or corners, it is definitely a neighborhood that supports both enthusiastic and mellow lifestyles. The area definitely comes to life on weekends with its galore restaurants, street food, art galleries, pubs, parks and shopping malls. 

It also promises a hip and extravagant nightlife with its glamorous pubs and bars that would make you outdo your tab. The Pump House or The Fat Owl are two of the best places to booze after a stressful workday or to enjoy a decent weekend. 

For the fellow foodies out there, you can take the pleasure of exploring the food culture in JP Nagar, the area is loaded with exquisite and inexpensive restaurants that will make you fall in love with it. Here are a few places to eat while you are at JP Nagar.

Hakuna Matata

This open space restaurant will definitely delight you with its enchanting North Indian delicacies.

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

This South Indian-style tiffin corner is a crowd puller. If crispy dosas, puffy idlis and mouth-watering vadas.

Empire Restaurant

This restaurant chain is one of the few which are deep-rooted in Bangalore. From multiple cuisines to choose from, Empire Restaurant is every Bangalorean’s favourite.

Davangere Benne Dose

If you love dosas then you ought to try Davangere Benne Dose, this tiffin spot will make you visit again and again to satisfy your craving for dosas.

JP Nagar also features various fun spaces that enable an individual to find solace with their preferred indulgences. Leisure spaces like Gamineazy Entertainment for gaming, Bangalore Adventure School for outdoor adventures, Gold’s Gym for fitness enthusiasts, Bannerghatta National Park for gazing upon the magnificence of wildlife, Vivekanand Theatre for live performances and more help in relaxing your mind. 

This prominent residential space offers a serene vibe, which is just perfect for both millennials and professionals. But due to the booming real estate prices, finding a nice place might come with a cost. If you are looking for an affordable living space of your own, finding a PG might be the best option. Here are a few tips for getting a PG with the best deal. 

  1. Research online and compare 

One should always research the options available to compare prices. 

2. Look for convenience 

Try your best to find a PG near your workplace or college, because in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, traveling costs might make your wallets bleed.

3. Amenities 

PGs have started out giving a lot more for your buck. Check out the amenities provided, for your convenience.

4. Food

Many PGs also provide you with daily breakfast and dinner, some also offer lunch. 

These essential factors might help you cut down your living costs and allow you to enjoy a convenient and focused lifestyle in an expensive neighbourhood like JP Nagar. For more information you can visit your favourite PG experts offer you the best properties to choose from with opulent amenities that can transcend your lifestyle while living in a shared space.