Upgrade your living space with these ready to move in 1 BHK in Bangalore

Upgrade your living space with these ready to move in 1 BHK in Bangalore
Upgrade your living space with these ready to move in 1 BHK in Bangalore

Upgrade Your Living in Bangalore

Bangalore has a population of over ten million, making it a megacity and the third populous city of India. Bangalore is the city of opportunities and new experiences. Bangalore is the IT capital of India, welcoming several brilliant minds to be part of evolution and technology developments.

With so many people coming to the city to explore the horizon of their careers, living space matters a lot. Living space is an integral part of the process of leading an independent life.

With a life tickling to and fro with busy schedules, client meetings, and whatnot, one desires for the moment of peace when they come back home. People seek a place that redefines homely and luxury me time for them. Finding a living space that speaks the language of comfort and ease is not an easy task to pull of.

This article will provide you with an insight into how to find a 1BHK flat for rent in Bangalore. It lists all the benchmarks one should set while looking for a living space.

The ideal living space

The ideal living space is one that supports your lifestyle, budget, and schedule. Your living space is an essential aspect of life everything around you in life is in accordance with the place you live. The living space structures a set routine for you.

The ideal living space is the one that aligns with five main factors:

1.    Location

The locality of your living space is an essential factor to consider while looking for an ideal living space. While pondering over the locality, one should keep in mind various elements like the distance of your workspace from your living space,  availability of transportation for the ease of connectivity should be residential and in a safe neighborhood.

2.    Safety 

Safety is a significant factor while deciding on the place you plan to live. The living space should be a secured and safe space with a gated area and guards. An average human spends about 62% of their waking time in their home, so the living space must support adequate security and safety.

3.    In house requirements 

When shifting into a rented house, owning up stuff is a hectic and expensive task to do. Investing in a house that is not yours is an expensive and not so smart alternative. So while looking for a living space, one should focus on the fulfillment of the basic needs and requirements for living. A living space should be furnished or semi-furnished for you to have a comfortable and home-like experience.

4.    Amenities 

While deciding on the living space one should consider the amenities around the area like grocery shops, chemists, departmental stores, dry cleaners, a  salon, and a gym availability in the vicinity. An ideal locality has basic amenities and utilities to support the needs of the residents. 

5.    Budget 

Budget is the most essential factor out of all the other four factors that build an ideal place of living. The expense of your ideal living space should align with your affordability boundary and your monthly budget. The rent should align with your financial suitability.

Ready to move in 1 BHK in Bangalore

The key to upgrading your living space with a beautiful and comfortable 1bhk flat in Bangalore is Colive. Covering all these factors, colive upgraded your living space with their spacious and budgetary 1 BHK in Bangalore. Colive has a modern form of a housing system with 6 promises to all its residents- style, safety, social, smart, savings, and service.

Colive is equipped with various amenities redefining luxury and comfortable living spaces. The listing below the facilities offered by Colive’s 1bhk flat in Bangalore:

  • Contemporary furniture
  • Modern storage spaces
  • Self-cooking equipment
  • Community event
  • Emergency response team
  • Professional housekeeping services
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Power and water backup
  • Service & maintenance support
  • Digital door locks
  • Facial recognition access management engine
  • High-speed internet
  • Urban interiors
  • Cinema room
  • Fitness room
  • Community kitchen
  • Proper sanitization measures


Colive supports the concept of designing living spaces that redefine luxury and spacious living. It provides people with an experience of comfort and ease. Colive has opened the door for comfortable living at budgetary prices covering all the factors of ideal living space by putting forward their splendid 1bhk flats in Bangalore.