10 Places to Visit Pune’s Top Cafes in 2024

Punes top cafes

A Guide to the Top 20 Cafes in Pune

Walk along with us in the heart of Maharashtra, Pune. Most people know it for its young college crowd. But they miss out on the unique dining experience this city provides to its young settlers in the form of top cafes in Pune. 

We’re not just talking about places to eat; we’re talking about stories, one cup at a time. From places that celebrate books to modern hangouts, each café has a tale to tell. Picture yourself surrounded by the aroma of good coffee, munching on tasty bites, and enjoying the artsy setting. 

This isn’t just a blog; it’s an open invitation to experience Pune’s heart through its cafés—where every flavor and story makes for unforgettable moments.

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Azul – Brews & Bites

Our first stop is Azul – Brews & Bites in Viman Nagar, one of the top cafes in Pune. Azul caters to diverse palates, from tender coconut espresso to tangy orange brews. Classic dishes like burgers and wraps accompany the brews, making it a delightful space for a meal. 

With an average cost of INR 1,000 for two, Azul promises an experience that surpasses the ordinary.

German Bakery

Located on Law College Road, German Bakery is one of Pune’s oldest and most beloved cafés. Embracing simplicity with vibrant wall art, it captivates visitors with its delectable desserts and breakfast menus. From Chicken Lasagna to BBQ Chicken Pizza, indulge in a gastronomic journey at an average cost of INR 1800 for two.

Waari Book Café

For book enthusiasts, Waari Book Café in Kothrud is a haven of warmth and literary delight. With a cozy ambiance, free Wi-Fi, and a dedicated reading nook for kids, this one of the top cafes in Pune offers an ideal setting. 

Enjoy White Pasta, Paneer Sandwiches, and Oreo Shake. The cost for two is a reasonable INR 700.

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Pagdandi Books Chai Café

Located in Baner, Pagdandi Books Chai Café is a concept-driven haven for bibliophiles. The bamboo-themed decor sets a cozy vibe for enjoying Adrak Wali Chai and Bun Maskas. 

Beyond food, the café hosts engaging events like book readings and poetry sessions. The cost for two is around INR 500.

Grandmama’s Café

In Koregaon Park, Grandmama’s Café invites patrons to enjoy delicious dishes within a scenic ambiance. The white and green decor at one of the top cafes in Pune adds a touch of elegance to the dining experience. Relish Cheese Sticks and White Chocolate Mocha at an approximate cost of INR 950 for two.

729 Grams Coffee

Next on our list is the precision-driven 729 Grams Coffee in Koregaon Park. With 29 types of artisanal coffees, this spot is a haven for coffee enthusiasts. Are you a vegan or lactose intolerant? 729 Grams provides dairy-free milk choices for you. 

This cafe is a monument to the skill of coffee manufacturing, with a cup of perfection costing an average of INR 250.

One O Eight Lifestyle Café

Known for its authentic coffee experience, One O Eight Lifestyle Café in Koregaon Park is a haven for coffee connoisseurs. With an inviting aroma of coffee beans, it offers Baked Eggs and Sourdough Pizzas. The cost for two is around INR 1200.

The French Window Patisserie

Situated in Koregaon Park, this patisserie is a visual delight with massive French windows and outdoor seating. Indulge in Avocado on Toast and Trois Chocolat, surrounded by soothing music. The cost for two is approximately INR 700.

Café Paashh

Kalyani Nagar houses Café Paashh, which is known for its unique aesthetics and European cuisine. With airy seating options, relish Potato Chaat and Spinach Ravioli. The cost for two is around INR 1800.

11 East Street Café

With a London-themed decor, 11 East Street Café is an Instagram-worthy spot in Pune. Enjoy Jalapeno Cheese Balls and Lindt Hazelnut Fudge Brownie at an approximate cost of INR 1900 for two.

Café Madeline

A fairyland for patisserie lovers, Café Madeline in Shivaji Nagar offers exquisite sweet treats. Sip Madeline Velvet Latte and indulge in Lemon Tart for a romantic date. The cost for two in one of the top cafes in Pune is around INR 700.

The Beans Talk Café

Viman Nagar hosts The Beans Talk Café, an aesthetically pleasing haven for coffee lovers. With a pristine environment, relish Chicken Bao and Hot Chocolate at an approximate cost of INR 950 for two.

Café Kathaa

FC Road’s Café Kathaa, set in an old-school bungalow, is a Pinterest-worthy hub for book lovers. Enjoy Omelette and Hazelnut Cold Coffee amid green surroundings. The cost for two is around INR 850.

Zen Café

With minimalistic decor, Zen Café in Koregaon Park offers a serene ambiance and delicious food options. Enjoy Jalapeno Cheese Toast and Sushi at approximately INR 950 for two.

Vohuman Cafe

For early risers, Vohuman Cafe on DP Road opens its doors early in the morning, making it a legendary breakfast spot in town. A satisfying breakfast for two for INR 200 can be had here, and the eatery is well-known for its hefty bun maska, cheesy omelets, and comforting drinks.

Third Wave Coffee Roasters

Third Wave Coffee Roasters in Koregaon Park is calling out to real blue coffee aficionados. Delight in Granola Parfait and Classic Cold Brew at an approximate cost of INR 500 for two.

Chafa Café

Known for its beautiful ambiance, Chafa Café in Koregaon Park attracts the city’s best crowd. Indulge in the Mexican Bowl and Berry Smoothie Bowl at an approximate cost of INR 1200 for two.

Café Eastwood

A Hollywood-style café in Kothrud, Café Eastwood is one of the top cafes in Pune for a fun evening with friends. Savour Barbeque Chicken and Butter Garlic Prawns at an approximate cost of INR 1800 for two.

The Fat Labrador

This pet-friendly café in Bavdhan welcomes furry friends, making it a delight for pet owners. Sip Vietnamese-style Iced Coffee and relish Masala Omelette at approximately INR 700 for two.

The Flour Works

With three branches in Pune, The Flour Works is a bustling café known for its European delights. Enjoy Lamb Bourguignon and Custard Quartet at an approximate cost of INR 1600 for two.


We’ve studied the various culture that makes Pune’s cafe culture distinct in this tour through the top cafes in Pune. As we get to the end of our café tour, we want to thank Colive for creating homes and communities. 

Colive’s dedication to creating venues that capture the soul of the city is in sync with the ethos of Pune’s best cafés. Let us continue to discover and cherish Pune’s many facets. 

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