Paying For “Rent” + “Utility” And “Home Bills” Could Be Burning Your Pocket – Coliving Is The Solution

High Rent, Utility, Utility Bills, Home Bills, Gas and Electricity bills, Coliving

So, you have been staying on rent for quite some time and share an amicable relationship with your landlord? It’s time to think beyond this rosy little picture. While plenty of Indian landlords are perfectly honest – at the core they are “businesspeople”. It’s a sad truth that a majority of the landlords in our country are actually – Out To Get You. More specifically, charge you high rent, and further fool you with utility bills which are exorbitantly high. Ultimately – they are burning a big hole in your pocket.

Well, being required to pay for your own utility and home bills is pretty standard in our country, but many times these bills amounts are quite higher than actually expected. In fact, you will be surprised how these greedy landlords are fooling tenants by charging extra in the name of utility and home bills.


What Is Meant By “Utility” Bills


High Rent, Utility, Utility Bills, Home Bills, Gas and Electricity bills, ColivingThis term might be new for those planning to move away from home and stay all by themselves. Let me explain it in the simplest way – So, when you become a tenant in a rented accommodation you will have to pay for electricity, gas, and telephone on top of your rent. For those who don’t know, gas, electricity, telephone services, TV, and broadband all are referred to as “utilities”.

In most cases, tenants have to take care of these bills, but if your landlord is taking care of these bills you be ready to pay – HIGH RENTS.


The Annoyances & Disputes Of Paying For Utilities & Home Bills


High Rent, Utility, Utility Bills, Home Bills, Gas and Electricity bills, ColivingOver half of our country’s tenants pay more than 1/3rd of their monthly income on rent and utilities. But in most cases, they are paying more than they actually need to. Few landlords take all measures to extract more money from their tenants in the name of utilities.

When it comes to paying for such expenses, it is important to find answers to the below questions:

  • Who is responsible for managing which utilities?
  • Where is the payment going to be made? Through the tenant’s or the landlord’s account?
  • When should utility payment be made?
  • Will there be any late fees?
  • What utilities are included in the rent and what is not?

Despite clarity on the above questions, you can be sure of tension resulting from utility disagreements with your landlords.

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Can Coliving Be The Answer?


High Rent, Utility, Utility Bills, Home Bills, Gas and Electricity bills, ColivingEveryone’s talking about it, writing about it, thinking about it, and even doing it. It’s an answer to soaring rent and shortage of homes, and a weapon to eradicate all tenant problems. Living in a coliving accommodation is about convenience, timesaving, community connect and certainly taking all the hassles our of setting up and paying bills. Basically, Coliving Is An “All-In-One Package”.

Coliving accommodations provide contracts where most of the bills are taken care of, it also places utilities into manageable monthly figures making sorting of expenditures much easier for you. Also, it eases you from the hassles and worries about running to the providers to pay for the bills or bearing late fees.

Living in Coliving accommodations is about renting accommodations which are high on STYLE, SERVICE, SECURITY, SOCIAL & SAVINGS – Yes all you need to pay is your monthly rent – A Figure That is Decent & Affordable.


Try Coliving Yourself


Ultimately, coliving is an answer to all the problems of paying for high rents and utility bills, while still enjoying all the benefits. If you’re looking for community and collaboration, our spacious apartments have the best of both worlds.