Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation

“Millennial Generation” this group of people will buy a ₹2000 pair of jeans after extensive research and try on nearly 60 pairs to find the one that fits them right. Well, this is exactly the way they look for accommodation, there’s not much difference. Millennials are entering the rental housing market in massive numbers. Unlike the older generation, their main priority is to find a home that will demand very less or no work before they can move in.

Simply put, the millennials want move-in ready homes, they want to walk in the house with just one suitcase, cook in the kitchen from day one and access the internet from the moment they enter the house.


“Move In Ready Homes” – What It Means To The Millennial Generation


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation


Decades ago people purchased homes where they planned to live for a very long time, possibly even forever. That just isn’t the case with the Millennials. This gen often looks for starter accommodation that they plan to grow out of in the future. In fact, they are quickly ditching the idea of possession – they smartly RENT. That brings me back to the topic, move-in ready homes what it means to this group of people?


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation

  • “Ready To Go”

Millennials don’t like the idea of home renovations – they just don’t want it. Nope, it’s not about the finances they have enough money at their disposal, it’s because they value “Convenience”. Another really interesting reason for craving “ready-to-go” is that millennials want to spend their free time fine-dining, traveling, or on their hobbies. Ready-to-go allows them to spend time on what they truly love, rather than spending their weekend mornings at the hardware store or catching workmen to get their work done.


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation

  • Everything Just Right

Instead of eating their meals in restaurants, many millennials choose to cook in their own kitchen. In most of the cases, this is something that isn’t possible on day one, but with move-in ready concept kitchens come fully equipped with gas, burner, and utensils allowing the resident to cook a comforting meal the moment he pops in.

Another thing to note, millennials are a generation of gizmos and gadgets, they practically survive on the internet, hence they are not willing to wait to look for cell receptions and internet service. Move-in-ready in this context means homes that are well connected with internet and have proper accessibility to mobile phone services.


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation

  • Technologically Equipped

Convenience is most likely one of the main requirements for millennials, but they are willing to pay extra for homes that are technologically equipped. They want homes with 24-hour security, CCTV surveillance, access card entry and similar technologically rich home features. Getting all that on their own demands time and money and millennials aren’t winning to invest that for sure.


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation

  • Ready Access To Community & Society

Millennials move out of their nest and start living all on their own, most of the times they begin their journey as an independent individual in a new city. One of the biggest challenges they face is making new friends and getting along with them. Move-in ready homes also mean ready access to a community of like-minded people. Millennials favour residential accommodation that is more flexible and social. Home is where fun is! Living in a community of like-minded individuals – bonding over breakfast and dinners– makes way to begin meaningful face-to-face conversations with new people – They Kill Boredom indeed.

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“Move In Ready Homes” – Is Co Living The Answer?


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation


Co living is a totally new trend that has hit cities across the globe. When millennials move halfway across the country, to a place unknown – with no solid support system – no home – no friends or family — one needs to no longer worry about the so-called “Settling Process” i.e. buying furniture, gas burner, and connection, refrigerator or setting up an internet connection, in fact even being lonely. Cheers To Co Living.

Co Living helps young people find fully furnished rental spaces along with an access to community – Practically, homes that are “Move-In” ready. Services like housekeeping, utilities, WiFi, DTH Cable, repairs & maintenance, everything is handled by the service provider and you pay just the RENT.

Amenities like smart locks, fully-automatic washing machines, laundry, smart kitchen appliances, tea/coffee machine, etc are also easily accessible. For millennials, living in a co living accommodation is about hassle-free living.

Co Living is making “Move-In Ready” more real. 


Final Thoughts


Millennials are better informed about their housing options than any other generation before them. They prefer, new, shiny and updated places to stay and when its move-in ready it allows them to do what they like most and not worry about settling down.

CoLive understand millennials needs, hence we offer homes that allow you to enter and settle in just no time.

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