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How Bangalore Startups Reshape Our Spaces

Welcome to the buzzing world of Bangalore, where startups are like magic wands turning dreams into reality. Imagine a city where your neighbor could be a tech genius creating the next big thing. That’s Bangalore, India’s own Silicon Valley. Bangalore’s ascent as a global tech hub is undeniable. 

The city, home to numerous successful startups, has evolved into an entrepreneurial haven. The startup scene here is not just about groundbreaking ideas; it’s about transforming dreams into reality. According to recent estimates, Bangalore startups boast the third-highest number of I.T. startups globally. 

Witness the impact on real estate demand, including the need for innovative office and rental spaces. As you explore the startup wonderland, don’t miss the convenience of accommodation staying in Marathahalli, providing a unique layer to Bangalore’s evolving landscape. Experience firsthand how these startups contribute to the city’s vibrancy and global recognition in the technology landscape.”

This surge in entrepreneurial activity has sparked a cascade of effects, one of the most palpable being the Transformation of the real estate sector. Let’s ride through this startup wonderland and see how they’re changing the tech game and the places we live and work. 

Exploring the Titans: Top I.T. Startup Companies in Bangalore

In the beating heart of Bangalore, startup hubs like Indiranagar, Adugodi, and Koramangala are abuzz with innovation. Let’s spotlight some standout startup companies shaping the city’s destiny.

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1. Razorpay: Revolutionizing Financial Solutions

At the forefront of financial solutions, Razorpay, founded in 2013, has redefined online payments by simplifying API integration. Situated in SJR Cyber Laskar, Adugodi, this private fintech startup was the sole provider of integrated payments, showcasing Bangalore’s prowess in shaping the fintech landscape.

2. Tapchief: Connecting Professionals for Expert Guidance

Nestled in the heart of Indiranagar, Tapchief, founded in 2016, is an online freelancing services company that made its mark on LinkedIn’s list of great startups. This digital platform emphasizes mentorship and career progression, reflecting Bangalore’s commitment to nurturing talent.

3. Nineleaps: Pioneering Technological Product Development

In 1st Block Koramangala, Nineleaps, founded in 2014, is a technological product development expert. Specializing in high-performance solutions, this private company accelerates digital Transformation across industries, contributing to Bangalore’s reputation as a technological powerhouse.

4. Simpl: Transforming Online Checkout

Situated in HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Simpl, established in 2015, has revolutionized online checkout in India. As a private IT company, Simpl’s Pay-Later technology offers a line of credit, one-click checkout, and complete buyer protection, giving retailers more control over the checkout process.

5. Headway a.i.: Integrating Behavioral Science and A.I. for Talent Empowerment

Founded in 2017 and located in Pattabhirama Nagar, Headway, a.i. is a private startup that operates as a B2B2C talent platform. The company integrates behavioral science and artificial intelligence to empower individuals in talent infusion, activation, and development, setting a new standard for user-centric platforms in Bangalore.

6. Bigtrade Infosystems: Facilitating B2B Trading Networks

In the heart of Domlur, Bigtrade Infosystems, established in 2017, offers a B2B trading network for wholesale firms. This private business provides comprehensive business solutions and free digital platforms, showcasing Bangalore’s commitment to fostering collaborative business processes.

7. Asksid Technology Systems: Innovative Solutions for Online Commerce

Founded in 2016, Asksid Technology Systems, situated in S.G. Palya, brings innovation to online commerce. This startup, created by former MindTree personnel, uses a canonical data model and an A.I. platform to handle online commerce, serving industries such as fashion, e-commerce, retail technology, and virtual assistants.

8. Urban Company: Transforming Home Services

Located in HSR Layout, Urban Company, formerly UrbanClap, has been a game-changer in-home services since its establishment in 2014. Operating as a public technology platform, Urban Company provides services ranging from cleaning and beauty to plumbing and appliance repair in over 200 cities across India, the Middle East, and the United States.

9. Backbench Internet Services: Empowering Web Applications

Established in 2019 and situated in Hoysala Nagar, Backbench Internet Services offers the resources and infrastructure needed to run web applications. This private company emphasizes creating a positive user experience, providing cloud automation and orchestration services.

10. HackerEarth: Comprehensive Developer Assessment Software

Founded in 2012, HackerEarth, located in Koramangala, is the go-to platform for developer assessment software. One of the best private startup companies in Bangalore, they help companies worldwide measure developers’ skills accurately during recruitment and have built a thriving community of over 4.5 million developers participating in hackathons and coding challenges.

11. CRED: Redefining Credit Card Bill Payments

Established in 2018 in Indiranagar, CRED operates as a private fintech company, providing a members-only credit card bill payment platform. CRED rewards its members for clearing their credit card bills on time, offering exclusive rewards and experiences from premier brands.

12. InMobi: Powering Growth Through Advertising

In Kadubeesanahalli, founded in 2007, InMobi operates as a private technology platform in the advertising industry. InMobi’s Advertising Platform engages audiences and drives real connections with affiliated consumer businesses, Glance and Roposo, redefining mobile and CTV interactions.

13. Avekshaa Technologies: Next-Gen I.T. Solutions

In HSR Layout, Avekshaa Technologies, founded in 2011, is a private software company offering next-generation I.T. products and solutions. The company focuses on P-A-S-S™ (Performance, Availability, Scalability, and Security) Assurance, managing I.T. complexities across all phases of the application life cycle.

14. Yulu: Transforming Urban Mobility

In Bellandur Amanikere, Yulu, founded in 2017, operates as a private technology platform in the transportation industry. Yulu’s mission is to make urban mobility seamless, shareable, and sustainable through micro-mobility vehicles (MMVs) accessible via a user-friendly mobile app.

15. Oyo: Where Travel Meets Transformation

OYO Rooms, crowned India’s best startup in 2018, continues to win hearts. Beyond providing rooms for travelers, Oyo transforms old, discarded hotels into vibrant properties. With a presence in every nook and cranny of the country, they’re redefining the hospitality industry.

16. Zoomcar: Driving Adventures

For those who believe in balancing work and play, ZoomCar provides the perfect solution. Rent a car for as many days as you want, paying hourly or daily. Ideal for car enthusiasts and travel lovers, ZoomCar offers the freedom to explore at your own pace.

17. Dunzo: Your On-Demand Assistant

From forgotten items at your ex’s place to midnight munchies, Dunzo is your go-to on-demand assistant. This booming startup connects the city, offering services from groceries to food delivery and parcel pick-up.

18. Swiggy: Satisfying Midnight Cravings

Join the team that satisfies thousands of midnight cravings! Swiggy’s dynamic and future-forward work culture has propelled it into the billion-dollar club. Not only are they revolutionizing food delivery, but they’re also shaping the future of work in Bangalore.

Commercial Real Estate Demand in Bangalore

  • Office Space: The significant demand for office spaces is driven by the substantial workforce employed by I.T. companies. Open floor plans and modular workstations encourage collaboration and flexibility.
  • Rental Space: I.T. companies require warehouses and commercial facilities for data storage, including data centers and networking hardware. Warehouses in convenient locations are crucial for stock maintenance, order fulfillment, and customer service.

Impact Beyond Boundaries: Bangalore’s Startup Ecosystem

The economic contribution of I.T. startups in Bangalore is nothing short of remarkable. In 2021, the I.T. industry contributed over 40% of the city’s GDP. Bangalore’s trajectory as a global center for creativity and technology owes much to the success of its startup enterprises. The city’s recognition as a tech powerhouse is not confined to national borders; it resonates globally.

Global Recognition – Bangalore’s I.T. Firms on the World Stage

Bangalore startups like HackerEarth, with its comprehensive developer assessment software, have improved the quality of engineering hires and built a community of over 4.5 million developers globally. The city’s I.T. firms, embracing cutting-edge technologies, have elevated Bangalore’s stature on the world stage.


Bangalore’s I.T. startup ecosystem thrives, fostering innovation, economic growth, and technological advancements. The city’s unique combination of talent, infrastructure, and entrepreneurial spirit positions it as a key player in the global technology landscape. 

Colive’s presence adds a unique layer to startup companies in Bangalore. Its co-living spaces cater to the evolving lifestyle preferences of the city’s dynamic workforce. The startup culture and Colive’s convenience and community-centric approach create a symbiotic relationship that contributes to the city’s vibrancy.