Improve Your Night's Sleep

After a long and tiring day at work, you come back home at night and relax in your bed. Sleeping is a daily routine. It is such an inevitable part of your lifestyle which can’t be ignored. A night of good sleep is essential as it not relaxes you physically but mentally, preparing you for the long day that lies ahead.

But often the millennials and corporate employees find it hard to fall asleep at night amid a busy schedule and long working hours. But you need to improve your night’s sleep in order to relax your body physically and mentally and stay active throughout the day that lies ahead. 

A night of good sleep has many many benefits. It helps you to improve your metabolism and helps you lose weight. Research suggests that a lack of good sleep in children and adults can lead to serious health issues like obesity, which is considered a powerpack of a number of other diseases related to the heart. Whereas good sleep at night can help you lose weight naturally.

It is even proven that people who take adequate sleep tend to eat fewer calories when compared to the ones sleep deprived. Moreover, good sleep helps to enhance your body’s immunity and increase social interactions and emotions. Because of the many reasons stated above, you should improve your night’s sleep. 

Talking about the millennial generation across cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai, it follows a really busy schedule. It typically involves working for long periods of time at the workplace, commuting to home, and following the same routine over and over again. Then there are other unhealthy habits that are prevalent among them including spending a lot of time on mobile phones, lack of any physical activity, and many others.

This may lead to sleep depravity and ultimately to issues like depression. Even on the weekends, many of us tend to spend time on their mobile phones and laptops, instead of giving some relaxation to their body. Such is the case with most people around us but are you tending to forget that we need our mind and body to relax in order to improve your night’s sleep?

The last couple of months brought in a lot of negativity in the air around with the news of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading its wings globally. It triggered a major health alarm for the world and gave many of us sleepless nights. But amid all the negativity around, a night of good sleep is the only thing you need for your mind to relax and maintain positivity in the air around you.

Ever imagined the reasons why you couldn’t get a night of good sleep and despite trying to improve your night’s sleep? Here are a few of them:

  • Spending too much time on your phone
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Improper diets
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Consumption of caffeine and liquor 

Now that we have listed a few reasons behind not getting enough sleep at night, we must surely list a few solutions to the same. So without further ado, let’s talk about 10 useful tips that can help you improve your night’s sleep.

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  1. Separate work from personal time

Divide your work time and personal time

Work-life and personal life are two different things —  nobody can ignore this! Mingling two can often lead to stress and giving lesser and lesser attention to your personal life. This may sometimes ruin your routine and you might feel dizziness throughout the day. Sometimes the kind of work you do demands some extra hours from your personal time to be contributed to your office’s work but this may in return bring-in some sleepless nights.

Talking about the current global health scenario, most corporates have directed their employees to work from home. Working from home can be lousy and often inefficient which is why many of us might have to work for long hours while working from home. This may in return contribute to inadequate sleep at night and might even contribute to issues like depression in the long run. 

Whereas when you separate working hours from personal time, you can actually contribute it to pay attention to your health with exercises and a healthy diet. This will actually help you to improve your night’s sleep. 

  1. Reducing blue light exposure while going to bed

We youngsters often tend to spend more time with mobile phones and laptops instead of going out to relax and even doing some physical activity. But exposure to blue light for long hours can affect your eyes and even can cause mental stress. This stress may ultimately result in inadequate sleep at night.

Spending long hours with mobile devices can be unhealthy for mental health too which is why you should avoid using them for long and especially before going to bed. 

On the other hand, when you spend less time on mobile phones and other devices emitting blue light, it helps your mind relax and automatically helps you to improve your night’s sleep. Before going to bed you should refrain from mobile devices and instead replace them with good books which are helpful in reducing stress and thus bring you a night of good sleep.

  1. Staying away from caffeine and alcoholic beverages

Improve Your Night's Sleep, Avoid Caffeine

A part of our lifestyle now, caffeine has numerous benefits and is consumed by most people in and around us. It provides your body with energy, helps reduce stress, and even helps you stay active throughout the day.

But a caffeine beverage does quite the opposite when consumed later in the day or before going to sleep by keeping your mind awake, thus contributing to inadequate sleep. Similar is the case with alcoholic beverages which people think can help them fall asleep. Alcohol can cause symptoms of sleep apnea, snoring, and disrupted sleep patterns and thus leads to inadequate sleep.

Getting rid of these habits can surely help you improve your night’s sleep.

  1. Avoid taking naps during the day

The human body requires definite hours of sleep for each individual depending upon factors like age, lifestyle, and many others. It is suggested that while kids typically need 8-10 hours of sleep each night, an average adult needs 7-8 hours.

Yet in a busy lifestyle and an irregular schedule, people may get tired and might feel the need to take a nap. But this instead affects their sleeping patterns thus contributing to sleep deprivation. Whereas refraining from the habit of taking long naps can actually help you improve your night’s sleep. 

  1. Wake up early

Improve Your Night's Sleep, Wake up early

Waking up early is a much-needed healthy routine all youngsters need to follow. It not only helps you relax but is also considered the best time exercise. But did you know that this habit can improve your night’s sleep?

Well, yes. It is a proven fact that waking up early can actually help improve sleeping patterns and thus helps improve your night’s sleep. Why not include this healthy habit, in case you too are facing a hard time falling asleep at night?

  1. Workout twice a day

Improve Your Night's Sleep, work out everyday

It is advised that all of us should workout twice a day in order to stay active and even reduce that extra fat on your tummy. But did you know that working out twice a day can even improve your night’s sleep? You should definitely workout every day in order to bring-in adequate sleep.

But it is advisable not to workout just before going to bed as it may lead to other health issues. 

  1. Optimize your bedroom environment

Have you tried everything yet you can fall asleep at night? Well, this may happen because of the environment you are trying to sleep in. Relaxation brings-in sleep and for proper relaxation, you need a proper environment. Without a proper environment to sleep, you might face certain sleeping disorders such as apnea.

First of all, you should try turning off the lights as sleeping in the dark is considered the best and then regulate the temperature of your room depending on the sleeping conditions favorable to you. Moreover, you can even use certain other measures like using scented candles to improve your night’s sleep.

  1. Avoid drinking too much water before going to bed

Improve Your Night's Sleep, Do Not Drink Too much water

Though drinking lots of water is often considered advisable to all age groups, drinking too much water before bed can actually prevent you from falling asleep. You might wake up in the middle of the night to urinate —  a condition called nocturia which might affect the quality of your sleep.

Though drinking water is essential to improve your metabolism, drinking water before bed can surely affect your chances of getting proper sleep at night. This is why it is advised not to consume a lot of fluids before going to bed if you want to improve your night’s sleep.

  1. Have a light dinner

Have a Light Dinner, Improve Your Night's Sleep

When it comes to dieticians, they generally advise all to follow an inverted pyramidal structure while making the diet plan. Based on this organization, we must eat the least during the night and nothing at all before going to bed. This helps our body feel relaxed. On the other hand, a heavy diet can lead to sleep deprivation.

Thus it is advised to have a light dinner before going to bed to help improve your night’s sleep.

  1. Have a relaxing bath before sleeping 

Bathing frequently can help you relax, reduce your stress, and even keep you energized throughout the day. But did you know that it can even promote a healthy sleep too? Studies indicate that taking a bath or a shower before bed can improve your night’s sleep and make you feel more relaxed.

This is why you should definitely consider taking a shower before going to sleep. Alternatively, if you do not like taking a bath at night, you might even consider washing your feet with warm water. This can help you get a better night’s sleep too. 

So these were our top ten tips to help you improve your night’s sleep. While living a busy life, it is hard to find proper time to relax especially for the millennials, sleep depravity can cause them more stress and less productivity at their workplace at the same time. On the other hand, taking a proper sleep of 7-8 hours a day can help them feel more active, relaxed, and thus will surely bring them more productivity and efficiency at work. 

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