Furnished PGs in Bangalore
Furnished PGs in Bangalore

Features of Colive powered Furnished PGs in Bangalore

Bangalore is the desired destination for professionals planning to grab job opportunity away from home. Each year an increased number of working professionals move to Bangalore which means that there is no dearth of PGs in Bangalore. But do the living conditions of basic PG rooms match your lifestyle requirements? The answer is No and owing to this, there is an increased demand for furnished PGs in Bangalore.

Here are some of the reasons for you to opt for furnished PGs in Bangalore by Colive rather than a small unmaintained PG room:

Cost-effective: Different PG accommodations come with different rental rates. You must pick the one that best suits your requirements and budget. But many a times people new to a city and unaware of the rental trends are befooled by the clever landlords to pay extra for services that should generally be included in the accommodation itself.  However, the coliving spaces provide you all-inclusive services within your monthly rental budget.

Safety and Security: Before renting a PG, do check if it provides the required security for the tenants or not. Many PGs do not give the security of your personal objects in your absence. The Colive furnished PGs in Bangalore come with additional security features like Facial Recognition Based Key Management, CCTV & Video Surveillance, Secured door entry and an Emergency Response team. So, you and your belongings are always secure with Colive!

Premium Features: Colive PGs in Bangalore provide you exclusive facilities like gym, fitness room, meditation halls, movie rooms and even gaming consoles within the monthly rental amount. Isn’t it great!!

Restriction free: Millennials are hardly able to digest the restrictions imposed by their parents then how can they possibly tolerate landlord’s restrictions? But we have your restriction free stay sorted. Colive’s co-living spaces are obviously better than any PG in Bangalore as here you don’t have to follow any weird restrictions.

So, don’t wait; simply go for Colive’s furnished PGs in Bangalore if you are anytime soon planning to relocate in Bangalore for work or study.