cost of living in pune vs bangalore

Are you thinking about moving to either Pune or Bangalore? It’s a big decision, and understanding the living costs in each city is crucial. Where urban living is synonymous with progress, two cities stand out as thriving hubs – Pune and Bangalore. 

As individuals increasingly explore opportunities beyond their hometowns, the question of where to settle down becomes paramount. The Cost of Living in Pune Vs Bangalore is a crucial factor influencing career, lifestyle, and overall well-being decisions. In this blog by Colve, let’s explore the cost of living differences in Pune vs Bangalore.

Understanding the Average Cost

Understanding the average cost of living sets the stage for informed decision-making when contemplating a move. 

Known as the “Oxford of the East,” Pune boasts a thriving IT scene in addition to a rich cultural past. Pune’s cost of living is reputedly lower than those of its more populous competitors, like Bangalore and Mumbai. The city appeals to anyone looking for a well-rounded existence with its great academic institutions, varied culinary scene, and nice climate. Recent figures claim that Pune has an annual expense of about Rs. 120,000.

Conversely, Bangalore, dubbed the “Silicon Valley of India,” is a busy city with a booming IT sector. Despite being costlier than Pune by Rs. 11,513, Bangalore offers more job opportunities, vibrant nightlife, and a diverse cultural milieu. The city’s cosmopolitan vibe and moderate climate contribute to its allure, while Bangalore weighs in. 

Housing Costs

The significance of housing Cost of Living in Pune Vs Bangalore cannot be overstated, especially for those eyeing a comfortable and secure abode. In Pune, a 2BHK rental property would set you back around Rs. 22,000 per month. 

Bangalore demands a little greater premium of Rs. 25,000 per month due to its stronger demand and development. It is essential to consider variables such as safety, convenience, and location since they may impact these numbers.

Transportation Expenses

Getting around the city is a daily necessity, and transportation costs are vital to your overall budget. Pune presents a petrol price of Rs. 77.59 per litre, while Bangalore trails closely at Rs. 74.42. Both cities offer a robust transportation system, including buses, trains, and autos, making commuting a manageable aspect of urban living.

Entertainment Costs

The vibrant and diverse entertainment scene in both Pune and Bangalore adds flavour to city life. Pune offers a more casual nightlife, with entertainment costs averaging around Rs. 170. In contrast, Bangalore takes centre stage with its renowned nightlife, where the average entertainment cost rises to Rs. 230. Your choice between the two cities may hinge on your preference for a more relaxed or dynamic after-hours experience.

Exploring Other Facets of Cost of Living in Pune Vs Bangalore

Beyond the basic living expenses, various other factors contribute to the overall experience of residing in Pune or Bangalore. 


Pune is a hub for top-tier engineering colleges, including COEP, MIT, BVP, and PICT. On the other hand, Bangalore boasts prestigious institutions like IIM-B and IISc, making it an educational powerhouse. Choosing between the two cities may depend on your academic and career aspirations.

Entertainment Hubs and Nightlife

Pune provides a pleasant nighttime experience with pubs and bars and a more relaxed attitude. Called the “Silicon Valley” of India, Bangalore boasts a thriving nightlife with lots of pubs, restaurants, clubs, and shopping centres. Your choice may be influenced by your desire for a livelier or more relaxed social atmosphere.

Expense Overview

Pune emerges as a more cost-effective option, whether it be for education, entertainment, or overall living expenses. While offering unparalleled opportunities, Bangalore tends to be pricier in every aspect. As you weigh the financial considerations, aligning them with your specific needs and priorities is crucial.

Living Experience in Bangalore


  • Home to prominent software companies, offering diverse job opportunities.
  • Pleasant and consistent weather throughout the year.
  • Vibrant nightlife with lots of clubs and taverns.
  • Excellent bus, rail, metro, and autorickshaw network.
  • Proximity to tourist destinations like Coorg, WonderLa, and Mysuru.
  • Lesser involvement in political complexities.
  • Friendly and helpful locals, fostering a sense of community.


  • Higher cost of living compared to other cities.
  • Traffic congestion is a common challenge.

Living Experience in Pune:


  • Emerging as an IT hub with companies like Infosys and Wipro.
  • No language barrier, making communication seamless.
  • Pleasant weather, albeit with temperature variations in winter.
  • Well-connected transportation options with the upcoming metro project.
  • Affordable food options compared to Bangalore.
  • Lower overall cost of living.
  • Active nightlife scene with pubs open till dawn.
  • Rich in historical and natural attractions.
  • Strong academic facilities, earning the moniker of the “Oxford of the East.”


  • Limited presence of startups compared to Bangalore.
  • Traffic congestion is a common urban challenge.

Rent and Property Prices in Pune vs Bangalore

Let’s compare the rent and property prices in some famous areas of Pune and Bangalore in 2023.

Location Type Rent Range (1 BHK) Property Range (1 BHK)
Pune Koregaon Park ₹7,500 – ₹38,000 ₹44 Lacs – ₹1.60 Cr
Kothrud ₹8,000 – ₹22,000 ₹22 Lacs – ₹95 Lacs
Sopanbaug ₹25,000 – ₹1.2 Lacs ₹44 Lacs – ₹1.60 Cr
Hadapsar ₹3,000 – ₹30,000 ₹44 Lacs – ₹1.60 Cr
Bangalore Whitefield ₹4,000 – ₹40,000 ₹25 Lacs – ₹94 Lacs
Indiranagar ₹6,000 – ₹33,000 ₹20 Lacs – ₹4.70 Cr
Bellandur ₹13,000 – ₹32,000 ₹27.8 Lacs – ₹65.8 Lacs
Koramangala ₹5,000 – ₹32,000 ₹65 Lacs – ₹75.5 Lacs


Comparison in Cost of Living in Pune Vs Bangalore

Rental Properties

Both cities exhibit comparable rental costs, influenced by location, amenities, and safety. Pune’s advantage lies in the lower deposit requirements, making it an attractive proposition.


Pune and Bangalore share similar challenges with traffic, but Bangalore’s more developed infrastructure ensures broader roads and potentially smoother connectivity.

Utility Expenses

Utilities vary in price based on personal demands and lifestyle choices. Both cities offer a wide range of utility services to fulfil various demands.

Food and Groceries

The cost of groceries and food products depends on personal preferences. Pune’s lower overall cost of living is reflected in more affordable food options.

Medical Expenses

Medical costs are contingent on circumstances and location. Both cities offer healthcare facilities, ensuring accessibility for residents.

Recreation and Entertainment

Pune’s higher recreation and entertainment costs signify the city’s demand for these services. While offering an equally vibrant scene, Bangalore may present relatively lower costs in this regard.

Making the Decision

Deciding between Pune and Bangalore depends on your preferences, career goals, and budget. Colive makes housing easy and affordable. If you’re leaning towards Pune, its lower living costs and cultural richness might be your thing. 

For those attracted to Bangalore’s IT scene and lively city life, it’s worth considering despite higher costs.


Choosing between Pune and Bangalore is a big decision. Understanding the living Cost of Living in Pune Vs Bangalore is a crucial part of that choice. Pune offers a more relaxed lifestyle, while Bangalore is buzzing with opportunities. 

Colive is here to help you choose a home with ease so you can concentrate on enjoying an exceptional living experience in your new city. Consider finances and your desired lifestyle when you consider your possibilities. With Colive, your move becomes a step toward a happy and comfortable life.

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