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The power of a team cannot be better described than what is quoted by Ratan Tata: “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together”. A man alone cannot be successful but needs like minded friends and colleagues working towards that common goal. This is even more pertinent in the world that we live in today. Networking has become the key to progress and that’s an attribute how any individual shapes his/her life. The success mantra for any true leader would be to form a team of individuals who are optimistic, believe in each other and support you through the various challenges that life inevitably puts forward. Be it a small a startup or a big business, success won’t be possible without a hard working and goal-oriented group.

Being in a group of like minded people who don’t just support your goal but also keep you encouraged is extremely imperative. It could be your family, a close group of friends, a club or even a society. At the end of the day, we are all but “social animals” and the only way to move forward is to support each other.


Importance Of Being Connected To Like Minded People


1. Assist, Guide And Advice – It takes a lot of failures to achieve something that we have dreamt for ourselves. However, it takes more than self-determination to move forward in the face of adversities. Things will never go as planned, we lose money all the time, and challenges come in many forms. This is when we look up to someone else to show us the perspective and keep us on the right path. When you are in the midst of like minded people, optimism, and the drive will come along automatically.

2. Provide Unconditional Support – It helps a lot if you are working on something new and there is someone to be by your side. He/she may or may not understand your dreams but the unconditional support they provide is worth more than anything.

3. Hold You Accountable – True friends are those who help us in adverse situations but also care to point out things that we may be doing wrong. Whatever it is you are working on, an extra pair of eyes always helps. They will make us realize the things we are accountable for and consequently keep us on the right path.

4. Cheer You Up – A collaborative and like-minded group always cares to cheer us up, be it a celebration of success or to get over a failure. They are the golden light at the end of the dark horizon that we need to keep on dreaming.


Co-Living As An Opportunity To….


Live: Connect and Thrive

Today, more and more people are getting out of their homes to search for jobs. Moving to a new city and traveling around with a laptop in the backpack has become a new way of living. However, it is our human need to associate and communicate. Co-living is much more than a vacation with friends. It is a platform where you get to know people from different backgrounds and help each other in what you do.


Work: Collaborate and Grow

Opting for co-living opens out a huge window of opportunity. This is where you meet people who are open-minded, love new ideas and are ready to change the world. It’s an environment where you don’t just share the common household responsibility but also your ideas for something new.


Play: Discover and Learn

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Well, it’s so true. You don’t want to be alone when you come back from a long day at the office. You want someone to talk to, share your experiences and eat your food with. As opposed to private accommodation, you are not alone, unless you are retiring to your bedroom!


Concluding Views


Happiness is worth sharing and dreams and worth believing in. Eating alone at the end of the day is not what anybody can want from life. With co-living, you don’t just have like minded people around you but individuals who can go on to become an important part of your future.

Ditch paying guest accommodations, hostels, and independently rented flats; move into a CoLive home and connect with like minded people. It’s time to be a part of an open, collaborative ecosystem that encourages your personal and professional growth. Join peers and like minded people in their journey.