Live-in couples face a lot of difficulty finding a home
Live-in couples face a lot of difficulty finding a home

Co-living PGs v/s Rented Apartments

If you are looking for live-in accommodations and have dismissed the idea of co-living, it’s time to rethink your decision!

For live-in couples, finding a home can be a daunting task. Unmarried couples who wish to live together under the same roof are still frowned upon at large in our society. Besides overcoming the mental and emotional hiccups of dealing with your family, it’s that one question asked by the landlord that makes the situation even worse for you.

Are you single or married, has this question put a damper on your house hunt too?

Well, in that case, here is a list of reasons to help you understand why co-living is any day better than living in rented apartments.

The Flexible Accommodation:

Co-living spaces are ideal for live-in couples who are looking for complete flexibility and homes that are fully furnished, serviced and managed.  The buildings usually operate on the plug-and-play model that saves couples from the hassle of dealing with the household chores and other burdens like utility bills. The monthly rent usually includes a host of facilities and utilities such as TV, housekeeping, Wi-Fi, professional house-keeping, community kitchen, and laundry spaces.

Privacy Amidst Togetherness:

Co-living homes maintain an apt balance between community spaces and private areas. You have social events to interact with the like-minded crowd and private spaces to enjoy your time alone. Community-led events such as yoga classes, barbecue nights, story-telling events and pizza nights can be a whole of refreshing for residents.

Affordable All the Way:

Today, with a very vast globalized workforce, people are traveling and relocating very frequently, due to which most of us are looking to cut back on costs. And, this can be a genuine concern for the live-in couples too. The rentals charged by the co-living spaces are not just affordable but also inclusive of all the added facilities. The lock-in periods for co-living spaces come with a lot of flexibility. The refundable security deposit for short-term lease is also quite balanced.

Where Convenience Meets Safety:

Equipped with world-class amenities and round-the-clock safety, co-living spaces are designed to upgrade your standard of living. There is an emergency response team, and a robust security system, with 24X7 CCTV surveillance.

The moment you enter a co-living space, you can feel the zest of life with the like-minded, non-judgemental crowd that you can connect with at any given time. Looking for a fully furnished home like this? Colive is definitely a place for you. Know more here:

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