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Meals for Colive tenants: Definitely not worth missing!

Meals for Colive tenants: Definitely not worth missing!

The smell of home cooked food, your mom’s speciality dishes, the perfect taste and the love poured in every bite is all you miss when you start living in a PG. More so because PGs generally don’t give much attention to the food taste and quality.But do you have a way out when you are alone in a new city and eating out daily also does not seem like a great option. So, what can be done? Our suggestion is- ditch your basic PG and opt for Colive powered coliving PG. Colive PGs differ from the basic PGs in all aspects and one of them is Food.

The meals at Colive are foodie’s delight! Meals for Colive tenants are prepared by professional cooks and hence you would never be disappointed when it comes to taste and quality. So, folks looking for PGs with meals must opt for Colive to relish the delicious meals. At different Colive properties, the meal provision criteria vary and all the details related to it are provided in the website. At some properties, you are either provided breakfast or dinner while in others both meals are provided.

While we have good meal provision for all the foodies out there; we have also catered to the people having keen interest in cooking. How? By providing kitchen as well as all the desired facilities for cooking. So, this allows meals for Colive tenants prepared by the tenants themselves. Basically, we have Colive properties with Kitchen facility as well as without the kitchen facility. It is upto you to opt for the one that best suits you.

Already dreaming of your favourite Rajma rice? Don’t just dream; book your coliving PG with Colive and enjoy comfortable living as well as delicious meals at very nominal monthly rental. Happy Coliving!!

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