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Bangalore, frequently referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is a bustling metropolis. It attracts dreamers and talented professionals from across the nation, all of whom come to realize their aspirations in technology. This inflow has created a never-ending need for residential and commercial space, fueling the development of incredible skyscrapers and other high-rise structures. 

Colive, your go-to source for shared housing in Bangalore, is aware of the significance of these towering structures to the city’s skyline and urban setting. Join us for an exciting tour of some of Bangalore’s largest structures, where you’ll get a glimpse of the way people will live and work in urban areas of the future. Get ready for a thrilling journey!

1. CNTC Presidential Tower: Touching the Sky

The 50-story, 161-meter-tall CNTC Presidential Tower in Yeshwanthpur is a striking example of Bangalore’s magnificence. It stands as the city’s highest apartment skyscraper and commands attention from the skyline. This magnificent architectural design offers spacious 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes. 

The tower’s masterful design has basic column layouts that give the interiors a spacious feeling and ceilings devoid of beams. The neighborhood features a theater, billiard table, convenience shop, parking, water supplied round-the-clock, badminton court, and CCTV security. 

Large windows bring in plenty of natural sunlight, and separate servant quarters with toilets are provided for all your needs in penthouses and flats with four bedrooms.

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2. Mantri DSK Pinnacle: Southern Comfort

With 46 stories, the Mantri DSK Pinnacle stands 153 meters tall. It is located in Bangalore’s southern region. This community of immaculate residences is a wonderful illustration of affluent living. 

With its 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments, this is the second-tallest skyscraper in the city. It’s the most advanced thing ever, with skillfully automated dwellings and centralized air conditioning. The array of amenities includes a BBQ area, outdoor seats, a kids’ pool, a tennis court, and more. 

It even boasts a runway for an opulent lifestyle. Extras that set this skyscraper apart are the 42nd-floor telescope and the 41st-floor coffee shop in the Sky Lounge.

3. SNN Clermont: Reaching New Heights

SNN Clermont is a stunning residential community close to Nagawara Lake. It consists of five buildings, each standing 135 meters tall and 40 stories high. These towers house lovely 3 BHK, 4 BHK, and 5 BHK flats with extra conveniences that improve life. 

This location features an expansive clubhouse, a well-stocked fitness center, a sports academy, a refreshing pool, a cycling track, and more. People appreciate amenities like coffee shops, bookstores, jacuzzis, and more in addition to the necessities. There are three elevators on each floor in each tower, so you can reach your house fast.

4. Pashmina Waterfront: Luxury Redefined

The pinnacle of opulent living, the Pashmina Waterfront Towers rise to 130 meters across 39 stories. This multi-story apartment complex offers a sophisticated lifestyle in addition to security. 

To maintain clean air, these well-designed apartments feature split air conditioning units, a continuous backup power supply, and exhaust fans in the kitchen and bedrooms. To keep everyone in contact, each room has a phone line, a TV outlet, and a video door security system. Decorated on the entrance gate are teak wood doors and TW shades.

5. Sobha Indraprastha: Where Elegance Meets Convenience

The Old Mysore Road leads to the Sobha Indraprastha. It has 37 floors and a length of 130 meters. This apartment complex has the ideal balance of elegance and usability. 

It features a pool table, a badminton court, a community center, and other recreational amenities. The 3 and 4 BHK apartments in Sobha Indraprastha are perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The high demand for these opulent residences means there aren’t many vacant apartments for sale or rent.

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6. World Trade Center Bangalore: Taking Business to a New Level

The largest commercial structure in the city is the 32-story, 128-meter-tall World Trade Center Bangalore. Until 2013, when the Brigade Group opened it in 2010, this west Bangalore building was the biggest in Bangalore. It is a component of the Brigade Gateway, together with Orion Mall, Manipal Hospital, the Sheraton Hotel, Brigade Gateway apartments, and schools. 

The offices at the WTC are approximately 2,000 square meters in size, and a club bar is on the roof. Its conference rooms, board rooms, and meeting spaces make it simple for companies to conduct their activities.

7. UB Tower: A Place Where Business and Style Meet

The UB Group and the Prestige Group constructed Bangalore’s renowned UB Tower, a corporate hub. It features four 123-meter-tall, 20-story buildings. You can buy or rent retail, commercial, and service apartment spaces. 

Completed in 2008, this opulent structure has ties to Mr. Vijay Mallya. The pinnacle of luxury is the UB Tower. It has a crane, which facilitates the 10-minute drive to Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru.

8. Concorde Tower: A Commercial Hub

In Banashankari, the 20-story, 115-meter-tall Concorde Tower is the ideal location for Business. Plenty of activities are close by, such as renowned lodging facilities, medical facilities, clubs, and entertainment centers. Numerous business-related amenities are available, including meeting spaces, high-speed internet, coffee shops, work areas, and front desk staff.

9. Kingfisher Towers: An Exotic Escape

Kingfisher Towers, which debuted in 2018 and has 34 stories and a height of 122 meters, is still the pinnacle of luxury in Bangalore’s UB City. UBHL and the Prestige Group offer five-bedroom luxury apartments with clubhouses, gyms, and swimming pools. Only 81 apartments are available, and Mr. Vijay Mallya has a penthouse that is 4,000 square feet. Demand for these houses is very high.

10. Prestige Trade Tower: An Energetic Place for Business

The Prestige Trade Tower, located at 115 meters and 27 stories, is an excellent enterprise location. It offers breathtaking views of the Derby Racetrack, a gorgeous golf course, and 19,000 square feet of office. Prominent industry players such as Deloitte, Amazon, and GSK have made use of it. 

The tower is excellent for impromptu meetings because it includes two meeting rooms. High-end retail occupies five floors, with office units totaling 368,750 square feet spread throughout the remaining stories.


Bangalore’s influx of millions of tech-savvy residents is driving up demand for high-rise residential and commercial space. Understanding the significance of these big buildings for managing the city’s expanding population has become imperative. 

Colive extends a warm welcome and provides a secure living space in Bangalore. To guarantee each resident’s privacy and comfort, they provide separate living areas for men and women. Students and young professionals looking for an economical, practical, and comfortable place to stay while studying or working in Bengaluru will find their properties to be suitable.

The high-tech amenities, breathtaking vistas, and excellent positions of these buildings are revolutionizing the way people live in India’s tech hub. Discover some of Bangalore’s largest structures to get a taste of the future of city living. The first landmark along the route to the sky is these towers.

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