From PGs in Bangalore to Co-Living Spaces

Coliving Spaces

Think about the time when you might have switched a job and moved to a new city. Along with settling in a new work environment, you would have also faced the challenge of getting the right place to stay. And when it comes to Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, the situation is even worse.

When the concept of co-living was not very popular, most people living the city settled for uncomfortable PGs in Bangalore or sharing small apartments/dorms or both. To top it off, there was a mismatch between the sky-high prices and the quality of facilities.

Thankfully the only option for staying in unfurnished PGs in Bangalore has changed. What was earlier a series of semi-furnished, shabby PGS in Bangalore, has now transformed into fully furnished rental homes with swanky services. And, the good thing is that millennials are more than happy to find a well-to-do space that offers hassle-free living.

Today people are looking for all the amenities under one roof, which is most commonly seen in a co-living space. This new concept of community living takes a more consumer-centric approach and tries to provide every possible facility such as gaming rooms, laundry services, Wi-Fi, fitness rooms in an all-inclusive monthly rent. It also has on-site staff and security people for quick response in case of property management and emergency.

The new-age co-living spaces provide an all-inclusive experience to the members living in the community. With clean designs and modern furnishing, the fully furnished rental homes are a treat to live in.

Security Services:

The use of technology to strengthen security in rental homes includes biometric cards, facial recognition,  CCTV, sensors, etc.  Along with top-notch security, the co-livers can also enjoy:

  • Free Wi-fi with a 24/7 back up service
  • Online rental payments
  • Chatbots to help tenants interact with the admin team

Hassle-Free Accommodation:

When we talk about PGs in Bangalore, the hassles start right from the search, both online and offline. In some cases, people also reach out to brokers for guided assistance, in turn, end up paying a hefty sum. Once you find a PG,  the facilities turn out to be a disappointment and you end up shifting 3 PGs in a year without being fully satisfied with the accommodation.

Apart from getting a fully-furnished room to spoil you by choice, the co-living spaces make the stay hassle free and enjoyable.


Irrespective of the changing preferences, everything does boil down to affordability. Given the shoestring budgets, millennials settle for inadequate spaces with low rent.

But the cheap rentals do come with their own set of problems ranging from strict landlords to bad food and no internet. Though, students can find PGs for as low as 4000/-, are the sacrifices considerable?

The good thing is that the unmet demand for housing remains as high as 30% – 60% across the top states, which means that people are open to opting for fully furnished rental homes.

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