Community Living for Seniors – Important features to look for!

Community living for seniors

Community Living for Seniors – Important features to look for!

The transition of elderly homes from the age old ‘Vruddhashrams’ to technology powered community living for seniors, is worth applause. Afterall, why should youth have all the fun? Just kidding!! But just like youth have their say in what all they would require in their rental home; the elderly too have all the rights to choose their preferred amenities and features. So, team Colive lists some features that are a must to ensure comfortable community living for seniors.

Important features for comfortable community living for seniors:

Modern Amenities

Gone are the days when the elders either didn’t have a mobile or even if they had one then it used to be the old Nokia set. Today, elders possess gadgets and have the urge to enhance their knowledge of operating them for ease of connecting with their kids living abroad or to stay in touch with acquaintances. Hence a high speed Wi-Fi connection is definitely a must. Apart from this, other modern amenities that must be available are fully furnished rooms with professional housekeeping, kitchen, laundry services, community spaces, transportation services, physical activities and trainers, 24-hour assisted caregivers, library and medical services.

Like minded peers

Just like youth connects with the people sharing the same mind-set similarly elderly people too connect well with people of their age group. Hence, living in a community of like-minded people with whom you can have healthy and lively conversation is truly a blessing. Modern seniors no longer crave a lazy life but yearn for one with interesting activities to keep the mind and limbs active. This is why futuristic community living for seniors, like the ones by Colive are highly preferred.

Medical Assistance

Health issues are common in old age. Hence, community living for seniors must ensure proper medical facilities for the residents. The 24*7 presence of basic medical staff within the community is a boon in providing emergency response to any individual’s medical needs.

Community Spaces

Imagine a housing society without a park or a school without playground; seems odd right? Just like kids need their space to play; elderly people too need community spaces to spend some leisure time with other community members. Hence, community spaces like library, jogging tracks, meditation rooms etc are a must.

So, when choosing community living for seniors, do make sure that all the above mentioned features are available in your rental home to ensure comfortable and happy living.