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Relocating to a new city or town is always a stressful job for anyone, even if the move signifies a positive change. Mostly this is because of uprooting oneself from familiar places and people, also the challenges of adjusting to a new locale cannot be ignored.

One of the major challenges that come in the way of a smooth move is house hunting, and in today’s lifestyle finding a house that perfectly matches your needs is more of an achievement. Even if the relocation is in the same city, most of us are baffled about how to go about things. Also, the problems do not end with the move, another challenge that awaits is setting it up.


Problems Of Moving Into A New Home – Matter Of Sheer Labor


Yup! And there is no way around to escape it – moving to a new home involves a lot of work, and you may feel dazed by the innumerable details and decisions you will have to make. Starting from arranging for the moving van to setting up electricity and water in the new place every little thing demands research, time and efforts. Then comes discovering, grocery stores, gas, cable and internet arrangements and of course finding a new maid. Well, doing all these in one single day is definitely not easy. But, what about outsourcing them? That’s definitely easy isn’t it, but only if you act smart by choosing the right place to stay. Precisely, by choosing a CoLive home.


Outsourcing – Find All Your Mundane Tasks Handled By CoLive


So, how does all this work? simply browse and explore our home listings and find your perfect home. CoLive homes are ready to welcome you as they come fully furnished, which means practically you need to drop in with only your suitcase. All you need to pay is an all-inclusive rent which includes dth, wifi, gas and housekeeping bills. Here are 5 mundane activities you are spared of when you live in a coLive apartment

1. Home Bills

Home bills and extra services are inclusive of your rent so you can concentrate on the more important things in life.

2. House Keeping

One of the most important aspects of any one life, isn’t it? You don’t have to run around asking for references for maids as we take care of all general housekeeping stuff.

3. Security

Our security systems are technology powered. We have central monitoring systems with professionally qualified and trained security personnel. Our video surveillance systems take advantage of latest technologies (IoT).

4. Gas & Cable

Gas and DTH play important role in our lives, we take care of all this so you don’t have to worry about refill and recharges.

5. Wi-Fi Internet Access

Our homes are optimized for high-speed, commercial-grade WiFi, included at no additional cost to you.


Final Thoughts


Live it, to believe it! CoLive homes come with a strong commitment of a brand along with a feeling of a home. Staying with us is just not about moving in, but staying in a community that nurtures, encourages and assist you in your personal as well as professional development. Find out more about our “Branded Serviced Homes” at www.colive.in.