WFH in Bangalore

WFH in Bangalore-The new normal

A reminder is ringing on your wide-screen desktop. You simply pick your breakfast, move to your workstation, sit back in a comfortable chair, and connect with your co-workers for a project status review conference call. The only difference: you are doing it from your co-living space in Bangalore. Sounds interesting… Right? WFH in Bangalore is the new normal. Having seen your parents work from a traditional office setup all their life, getting the perk of working from home holds definite charms. After all it saves you from the Bangalore rush hour battle and definitely eases life a bit. Here are several other factors that are drastically contributing towards Work from Home culture. Read on:

Cutting down Commute: Bangalore undoubtedly is one of the most congested cities in the country. Regular commuters would agree that the office travel time in the city is simply increasing each passing year. And spending so much time in traffic leaves you exhausted and thus less likely to have good family time. The productivity at work is also gets impacted. Hence, Bangalore’s professionals are choosing WFH instead of wasting significant part of their day in commuting.

Increased Commercial space costs: And believe us; it’s not just the employees that are in favour of WFH in Bangalore but even the bosses favour this trend to save on office rental costs. With commercial office space costs rising in tandem with office overhead expenses, a rising number of companies are exploring the work-from-home option to cut down on the workforce they need to support. Many companies are encouraging remote work in order to control these costs while providing flexibility to the employees.

Stress and Work-Life Balance: Who does not wish to have a good work-life balance? But the increased workload and pressure to succeed has shifted maximum focus towards work. Hence, the personal life suffersToday, many companies are realizing that keeping employees happy by allowing them to spend more time with family is a way forward to success. And this can be best done by encouraging Work from home culture. Professionals today are able to strike a better work-life balance that is easier to achieve with remote work practices.

Globally spread work force: Today, many companies have their offices spread world over. And the best way to interact with employees distributed in different parts of the world is conference calls. Situated in different time zones, it becomes more convenient for team members to participate from home. Traditional office spaces and timings are making lesser sense to companies who encourage the work from home practice to harness the skills and talent available around the world.

The list of work from home perks is unlimited. The only requirement is a proper workstation that gives you professional work setup feel at the comfort of home. And worry not; you get this and much more at Colive, your very own rental accommodation platform. Colive powered coliving space equips you with all the desired amenities desired for hassle-free WFH in Bangalore. Happy co-living!!