Hybrid Living

Utilize your Hybrid Living potential to the maximum – Switch to Club Colive!

Hybrid living has highly influenced both our lives and homes. There has been a drastic shift in home designs as well as the utility of different rooms. In such a scenario, how can the PGs and coliving spaces remain untouched by this influence? All thanks to the growing Hybrid Living trend. Colive always believes in staying ahead of the times by incorporating not just the basic amenities but also the modern facilities in its properties with the aim to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

The last 2 years have led to this evolution in the concept of PGs and their utility. Now the PG is not just the place where you spend the latter part of the day but it is the place where you are spending the maximum part of the day except for a few days when you might need to visit office in person.Hence, it would not be wrong to say that it is your actual workplace and leisure space, where the whole day goes by moving from one task to another. Agreed? In such a scenario, the PG must be designed in a manner that it provides you a Built-in workspace to get the professional setup feel.

Colive properties are adapted to this trend by designing the available space in a manner that it ensures homely as well as professional environment. However, if you still aim for more perfection in professional setup then there is good news for you as Club Colive members have access to premium, professionally designed co-working spaces. And if you are wondering about the rent then let us tell you that this facility is inclusive of your monthly PG rent. What else can one ask for?

Having a well knitted home office setup is all you need to feel connected with your team even when you are not in office. And Colive powered coliving space equips you with all the desired amenities to boost your Hybrid living potential.