Our lives today are shaped by technology. In this age and time, practically nothing that we do can be done without the support of technology. The same goes for the students, too. Students today have been raised with mobile phones and the internet at their fingertips. Hence, companies offering student housing are well equipped with the latest technology to make the stay comfortable, safe & enjoyable for the students.

Recent years have seen a dramatic change in student housing. As opposed to military barracks, the accommodations for students have developed into more reminiscent of a hotel or a luxury apartment than squat, spartan buildings.

Offering services, tools, and apps, technology can strengthen the experience of student housing through communication, onboarding, sustainability, bookings, rental payments, and so much more. Using these different services and tools, technology enhances the living experience by facilitating a holistic lifestyle that integrates all aspects of students’ lives.

So, how does technology help in student housing?

  1. Students’ lives have been affected significantly by technology, especially where they live. Student accommodations are changing more than ever, and technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of everything. The students need technology to plan their day, right from the time they select a student housing facility in the city that they are moving to. AR and VR technologies online have made it very easy for anyone to view and experience housing facilities across the globe, as well as choose the one that fits their budget and needs. They can see just how a room would look, including the faucet in the bathroom or how a mattress or a cupboard would be. With this option, they can choose not only the student housing company they want but also the specific room where they are staying. This allows them to see through the window in their room and is very convenient.
  2. It is common for students to have never lived out of their bedroom in another city before, so they must learn a lot of things about moving into a shared apartment or student housing. In order to make the movement comfortable, technology can play a critical role here. In today’s modern student housing facilities, there are apps through which a student can communicate with the management about the various questions that they may have. Through the app, the student can learn how to find their way around the facility and how to use the various amenities. There are apps for everything from ordering housekeeping to booking an appointment with a personal trainer in the gym to getting laundry done. This provides students with an immediate group of like-minded people and allows them to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Students can plan weekend trips with a few friends and join clubs like photography, music, and cricket as well.
  3. Student housing facilities today benefit from technology to conserve energy. Besides saving electricity, motion sensors also help save water as they can monitor the usage and control the flow of water so that huge amounts of water can be saved. Led lighting and smart AC’s also contribute to reducing electricity usage. These features can all be integrated with student apps, which can show them their electricity consumption and monitor it.
  4. Regarding student security, when they move out of their homes, technology can help to give legitimate access to only the legitimate staff and students. This can provide a great deal of security for the students and parents can stay at ease knowing their kids are in a protected environment. With technology, access controls are not the only thing that is managed, but data is also stored so that if a mishap happens somewhere, such as a minor robbery, it can be immediately traced with RFID data and CCTV footage, virtually eliminating unnecessary and harmful activities.

What amenities a student should look for while choosing a student housing company?

  1. High-Speed Wi-Fi

Strong Wi-Fi signals are among the top priorities of young people, making them less of an amenity and more of a necessity. These days, just about everything they care about is powered by them, including their laptops, cell phones, and other electronics. A student might require high-speed internet access for assignments, attending lectures online, talking to friends and family via video call or social media, streaming, gaming, etc.

Today, most students have multiple devices. Access to the internet is among the top priorities for college students (from their rooms to the study lounge, and building fitness center). Hence, a strong Wi-Fi infrastructure needs to be set up to handle a high volume of regular users at student housing.

  1. Smart Devices

With the help of technology, students can simplify routine chores such as controlling utilities and appliances, paying rent and submitting maintenance requests, or even asking Alexa to play a favorite song.

Students can control smart home appliances and electronic devices from their mobile devices or voice command. It is an attractive amenity for prospective students to have smart home devices in their rooms and communal areas, while students can bring them from home. Speakers, TVs, and household appliances are just some of the smart home amenities students need to be comfortable and productive.

  1. Environment-Friendly Amenities

Student housing managers now have a lot of technology at their disposal to upgrade their buildings to be more environmentally friendly. For example, electrical features such as smart outlets and switches can help save energy. Using smart glass windows reduces energy consumption and heating and cooling costs.

Switching to motion-activated LED lighting is a simple way to eliminate energy waste. The energy requirements of LEDs are lower than those of traditional lighting, and if they’re only used when needed, none of that energy is lost. Plus, they’re also more efficient than fluorescents. A great way to reduce overall water usage is to use high-efficiency washers, showers, sinks, and toilets.

  1. Connected community spaces

Private bedrooms and bathrooms are highly valued by students at student housing properties. Students look for access to tech-enhanced community spaces as well.

The technology in these spaces must go beyond providing charging stations for their devices. These are places such as common rooms, lounges, and study rooms. There is an increasing demand for shared spaces that allow students to use technology they can’t afford or don’t have space to install in their homes, such as smart boards, big-screen TVs, and 3D printers along with video conferencing technology available in the meeting rooms.

Fitness centers are another desirable amenity for today’s students since they’re top of mind for health and wellness. Students can maintain their health and stay connected with technology at student housing, which is equipped with interactive exercise equipment, online fitness instruction, and other digital tools.

  1. Security devices

Students may not consider building security important, but parents do. Their top priority is safety, and technology makes it easier to do so.

Using keyless entry instead of mechanical locks allows students to access areas using their smartphones, student ID cards, or passcodes. In the event of an emergency, building administrators can track who stepped inside and outside the building. Also, a lot has been accomplished with surveillance cameras, too. In indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras today, motion detection, sound detection, and alerts can be sent to a mobile device or computer when these things are detected.

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