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Say Bye Bye to Landlord for affordable co-living experience in Bangalore.

Living with a landlord can either be a worthy experience or a complete nightmare. Highly depends on what kind of a person your landlord is! But how often do you get to interact with a landlord before signing the agreement? Once or twice maybe! The major reason that lures people towards landlords is the thought that they can provide the most affordable co-living experience in Bangalore. But it is not so as today there is no dearth of options. Moreover, if by any chance you get a strict landlord; your stay in the new city will become very challenging. Don’t believe us… let’s give you a sneak peek into how some landlords can haunt you with strict rules. Read on:

5 Irritating rules imposed by most landlords:

1. Pay 1 year rent in advance

Paying 1 year rent in advance in a city like Bangalore doesn’t sound like a good idea. Right! So why not opt for Colive rental accommodation for affordable co-living experience in Bangalore. Here you just need to pay 1 month rent in advance and you get a fully furnished place to stay.

2. Maintain discipline

Bro, we are not kids anymore to be taught to maintain discipline. The rental accommodation should feel like home and not hostel where you have to abide by the listed rules.

3. Friends not allowed

Are you kidding me! How can calling friends at your rented accommodation be a problem. At least, it is not so at Colive rental homes. Here you can stay with friends and even call your friends over to spend some quality time.

4. Non-veg food not allowed

You could be a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan; the landlord has nothing to do with it. Your life, your choice! You obviously cannot ask them to cook non-vegetarian for you if they are vegetarian but you can at least order from outside.

5. No night-outs or late night parties

Staying away from home gives you some amount of freedom to live life your way. But if your landlord is keeping you from enjoying life in a new city then you certainly have chosen a wrong place to stay. You have the right to sometimes enjoy a night out with friends without the fear of being questioned unnecessarily. At Colive rental accommodation, you get this freedom!

About Colive

Colive is a technology powered network of fully managed ready-to-move in homes, conveniently located in close proximity to IT parks and business hubs. Colive homes are fashionably modern and equipped with all modern tech enabled safety features. All homes are fully serviced & professionally managed while offering flexible & affordable options of modern living. The homes are targeted at single professionals & young couples who prefer living in a social community of like-minded millennials.Happy Co-living!!