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The professional world is very dynamic in the modern age. Gone are the days when you would have to introduce yourself with a CV or resume in hand and a visiting card to introduce yourself. New jobs, careers or businesses these days are forged digitally and over a cup of coffee in a relaxed setting of a cafe.

Coliving is one of those modern methods, where you forge relationships and build contacts for the future, whether it is transitioning to new businesses, looking for new job opportunities or working on side projects.

So how does coliving aid professional growth, provide clarity and create new opportunities?

Learning from the expertise of others:

We are all brilliant in our own way, but we necessarily do not have all the skills required to be successful in various fields. Working professionals cannot dedicate enough time to pick up new skills or dedicate themselves to learn new methods of executing a job.

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Coliving is about learning from others

At Colive, when you stay in a home with professionals with different backgrounds and skill sets, you can spend some time discussing and researching upon new avenues.

There is a wide range of topics like Facebook ad funnels, email marketing, blogging, SEO and even things like risk-taking probabilities… you’re constantly able to get out of your professional comfort zone and learn from those who specialize in different topics.

Meet your new business partner:

Most people when they envision business meetings, they picture exchanging data and pleasantries over a cup of coffee or a lunch at a swanky five star hotel, but how about coliving?

Remember you could be staying at Colive in a double sharing space and waking up every day next to your potential business partner.

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Your roommate could be your next business partner.

For two weeks, a month or even six months, you are staying with someone who has similar dreams of starting their own business in the same field as you. Both of you can discuss your dreams and plans over breakfast, lunch and while watching a football match together.

When you’re getting to know someone on a personal level and you value their professional worth, you can skip the resume and boring interview process and get right to the good stuff when it comes to working together or hiring someone new because you were able to connect on a deeper level from Day One.

Stay relaxed and inspired by your surroundings:

At Colive you get a homely experience that you won’t get at PGs or boarding homes and hostels. From fully furnished and serviced homes to having cinema rooms and fitness areas in the property itself, Colive provides a wholesome experience to each resident.

Colive properties are ideally placed near IT Parks and Tech Hubs in Bangalore and Chennai. This helps in saving commute time for our residents and makes them more effective and functional before and after a hard day at work.

Safety and security is a prime concern these days, we know it best at Colive. We have 24/7 security with CCTV Surveillance and access controlled doors. You can never count out emergency situations and at Colive we are prepared with an Emergency Response Team on call.

It is not just about the serious side of life, at Colive you can have a vibrant social life as well. With our monthly social events, whether it’s a dandiya night or a dj night. You get to enjoy a party atmosphere at your own property with food, drinks and like-minded people to engage with.

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Making FRIENDS and sharing ideas.

Coliving is something that is on the rise, yet still isn’t explored by many but there is a power that comes from the kind of experiences that we have here that lead people to grow for the better; both personally and professionally.

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