Which Would Be A Better Option: Staying In A Hostel, PG or Colive Apartment?

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So, you are a young Indian individual who is planning to move out of your house and is super new to adulting? Well, then be ready for a number of things which could come your way and baffle you up. First thing first, when you plan your move you look for a suitable accommodation, isn’t it? But, do you know this is one superhuman task and becomes, even more, challenging for students and young working professionals?

Particularly for this young group who look for economical options for living, the choice for housings becomes very limited. Stereotypically, they have to compromise and opt for murky paying guest accommodations or stern hostels that fail to provide decent yet bare essential needs to their residents. But did you consider one of the newest entrants in student accommodations? Behold Coliving Apartments.

Student Accommodation: What’s So Confusing?

Hostels Vs PG accommodation are pretty a very common debate among the students, but most of the students in our country are well aware and hate the services provided at hostels and PGs as there’s hardly anything which matches their expectations, also, they get heavily charged for the same.  Here, lies the confusion and why settle for such depraved options?

Look at Coliving then. Communal living or Coliving is a fast-growing trend in the developed world. It’s about living in “Branded Serviced Homes” which offer top-class facilities (like gyms, libraries, common areas and game rooms) along with people who share common interests and support each other.

Coliving is the new way of living and at Colive we offer you more than just a home. We provide a community that nurtures, encourages and assists in your personal and professional development.

Staying In A Hostel, PG or Colive Apartment – Let’s Compare

Confusion should not arise if you are clear about what you need. But to make it easier look at the below factors which will help you decide which of the three is best suited your needs.

  • Affordability

Affordability is one of the top factors, isn’t it? But let’s face it, Hostels and PGs claim to be affordable options, but when it comes to comparing the facilities with the cost it totally fails.

Coliving is one answer to crazy rents, greedy landlords, and high security deposit amounts.

  • Security

It is always a good idea for young people to live in a place that offers good security. When it comes to hostels and PGs, security is mixed with restrictions hence it goes to a totally different level. Coming to social security, living with roommates is a great way; but neither hostels nor PGs guarantees good roommates. You might get stuck with someone who is weird, has bad habits and doesn’t tune with you.

Coliving gives you a wonderful opportunity to live with like-minded people, who think like you and influence good things in you, Colive homes are built on the foundation of making home a safe & secure place to live in.

  • Facilities

College hostel and PGs charges are so exorbitant that a middle-class student would think twice about getting admission in there. Also, these higher charges do not warranty decent facilities, dirty toilets, nauseating food, and slow Wi-Fi are still major issues students face in hostels.

CoLive homes are comfortable and come fully equipped. Bedroom, bathroom, living, kitchen, amenities, and entertainment are all part of one all-inclusive bill (rent + maintenance). Facilities like housekeeping, electricity, high-speed WiFi internet, security, gas, cable are all taken care of.

  • Food

Hostels and PGs are known to have lack of understanding on this fundamental thing about students – “Only good food will help a person to study well”. They run mainly to make money out of everything, and if they offer food as a service they will ensure to cook something that completely destroys your taste buds. It is very common for hostelers and PG residents to eat food from outside. In fact, food is one of the main reasons people quit from in PGs and Hostels.

Well, Coliving doesn’t offer you cooked food, but a great place to cook in, and guess what it comes fully equipped with gas, chimney, and utensils. Cooking is therapeutic though, after a long day at college you can always take out some time to cook a comforting meal for yourself.

  • Utilities & Bills

You don’t have to bother about paying electricity, water, and internet bills in all the three options. But there are few things you have to take care of your own, housekeeping and laundry for example.

Colive handles all your mundane tasks. Home bills, housekeeping, laundry and extra services are all inclusive so you can concentrate on the more important things in life.

  • Restrictions

This is quite self-explanatory, from no lights late at night, to even banning outside food on the premises, there are some weird and highly restrictive rules regulating hostels and PGs today.

Living in a Colive home is about being free and independent.

  • Privacy

If you are used to having a comfortable personal space around you then you will be shocked by the lack of it when you start staying in a hostel or a PG. Sharing a single room between 2 and more people tends to do that to privacy.

Colive homes are comfortable and come fully furnished, they include dedicated personal space and shared spaces. Hence when you need privacy, head to your own personal space.

Final Thoughts

Well, Co-Living is truly transmuting the way students live. By giving them homes that look like homes, taking care of all mundane task and most importantly letting them be a part of a group that shares a common interest, it truly ensures young minds support each other to nurture talent and promote interests.