Rental cost in KR Puram

The Rental Cost of Living in KR Puram: Your Guide

Welcome to a nuanced exploration of living costs, where informed decisions pave the way for a harmonious lifestyle. Beyond a mere location, KR Puram represents a unique amalgamation of city living and tranquility. This is not just about finding a home; it’s a deliberate exploration of contemporary living costs in KR Puram. 

Together, we’ll delve into diverse living options, explore the surrounding neighborhoods, and uncover the essence of modern living. Consider this a thoughtful expedition where residences aren’t just addresses; they’re narratives waiting to unfold. Join us as we navigate the intricate tapestry of KR Puram, where each turn offers a glimpse into the vibrant stories of its streets and homes.  

Understanding the Locality

KR Puram, short for Krishnarajapura, is more than just a residential hub; it’s a thriving community that connects various prominent areas like Hoodi, Hebbal, Indiranagar, and Mahadevpura. Positioned strategically, KR Puram boasts excellent connectivity and accessibility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between urban conveniences and a serene environment.

Rental Cost of Living in KR Puram: A Holistic View

Let’s delve into the core of our discussion—the rental Cost of living in KR Puram. In this dynamic locality, the housing landscape comprises a mix of multi-story apartments and independent houses, offering options for various preferences and lifestyles.

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1. Independent Houses:

KR Puram presents a variety of independent houses for those who prefer more space and privacy. The rental costs vary based on the configuration, ranging from cozy 1 BHK to spacious 5 BHK accommodations. A glimpse into the available options reveals the diversity in pricing, catering to different budget ranges.

2. Apartments and Coliving Spaces:

Now, let’s shift our focus to the innovative living solutions provided by Colive. Recognizing the evolving needs of today’s residents, Colive offers a range of chic-furnished and fully-managed spaces. These include single-sharing rooms, double-sharing rooms, triple-sharing rooms, semi-private rooms, studio rooms, and couple rooms—all designed to enhance your living experience.

Advantages of Choosing Colive

Why opt for Colive? Here are some customer-centric reasons that make Colive a standout choice for modern living in KR Puram:

No Brokerage Fee:

  • Traditional rentals often come with the burden of brokerage fees. With Colive, bid farewell to these additional costs. Your journey to find the perfect living space is seamless and budget-friendly.

Stylish and Fully-Managed Spaces:

  • Colive spaces are not just accommodations; they are curated living experiences. From stylish interiors to vibrant common areas, every detail is designed to elevate your lifestyle.

Optional Food Services:

  • Unlike many PG accommodations that bundle food charges, Colive offers optional food services. You have the flexibility to choose according to your preferences and dietary requirements.

Advanced Security Services:

  • Your safety is a top priority at Colive. Benefit from advanced security features, including CCTV surveillance and modern technology, ensuring a secure living environment.

Compatibility Settings for Roommates:

  • Worried about living with compatible roommates? Colive takes the guesswork out by providing compatibility settings, allowing you to choose roommates based on shared interests and lifestyles.

Restriction-Free Living:

  • Enjoy the freedom to live on your terms. Colive encourages a restriction-free living experience, fostering a sense of independence and community.

Friendly Guest Policies and Full Refund of Security Deposit:

  • Colive understands the importance of flexibility. Benefit from guest-friendly policies and a full refund of your security deposit, providing peace of mind during your stay.

What to Check When Booking

Whether you opt for an independent house or choose the modern living experience offered by Colive, it’s crucial to consider a few key factors before making your decision:


  • Check the exact location of the accommodation and its proximity to your workplace, educational institutions, and other essential amenities.


  • Understand the amenities provided, be it in an independent house or a Colive space. Consider factors like security, hygiene, Wi-Fi, TV, housekeeping, and recreational spaces.

Price Transparency:

  • Ensure clarity in pricing. Colive offers transparent pricing, eliminating hidden costs and ensuring you get value for your money.

Site Visit:

  • If required, arrange a site visit to get a firsthand experience of the living space. Colive welcomes site visits to help you make an informed decision.

Proximity to Essential Services

Living in KR Puram means having access to a plethora of essential services:


  • Hospitals like Manipal Hospital Whitefield and Aster Women’s Children Hospital are strategically located within approximately 5 kilometers, ensuring prompt medical assistance.


  • Educational institutions like Silicon City College Ravindra, Diamond College of Management and Science, and SJES College of Hotel Management are within a radius of 1 kilometer, making educational pursuits convenient.

Recreation and Shopping:

  • Revel in leisure with malls like Phoenix Mall, Phoenix Mall Bangalore, and Phoenix Marketcity, all within 3 kilometers. Your shopping and recreational needs are catered to with utmost convenience.

Transportation Hubs:

  • Commuting becomes a breeze with nearby train and metro stations, including Krishnarajapuram Railway Station, Kadugodi Metro Station, and Rangoli Metro Art Center. Colive ensures connectivity is never a concern.

Making an Informed Decision: Your Checklist for Coliving in KR Puram

Before you embark on your Colive journey in KR Puram, here’s a checklist to ensure you make an informed decision:

  • Understand the diverse rental options available.
  • Explore the inclusive amenities that align with your preferences.
  • Appreciate Colive’s commitment to safety and security.
  • Embrace the transparency in pricing.
  • Consider the neighborhood and its proximity to essential services.
  • Value the community-driven approach that Colive brings to co-living.


In navigating the rental Cost of living in KR Puram, the choices are not merely about housing but about crafting a lifestyle. Whether you choose the spacious independence of an individual house or the contemporary living experience offered by Colive make an informed decision. 

The transparency in pricing, customer-centric features, and proximity to essential services position KR Puram as an exciting and convenient locale for your next home. Let your journey begin confidently and seamlessly, guided by the enriched living experiences offered by Colive.