Coliving PG near Forum Mall

Colive powered Coliving PG near Forum Mall

Your love for shopping and craving for savoury delights cannot keep you away from malls even when you move to a new city for work. And if the city is Bangalore then what better place than Forum Mall for spending some leisure time. Being one of the oldest malls of Bangalore, Forum Mall houses all the top brands and the best of food outlets. But do you thing hectic work life and busy work week can spare you enough time for yourself? Even if you think that sparing some time for personal recreation won’t be a task then you definitely need a reality check. Firstly, new city already has a lot of challenges to offer which are overcome after a few months of stay. Secondly, office hours consume most part of your day and commuting hours leave you really tired and frustrated… you know Bangalore traffic pretty well. Lastly, if you have Saturdays working then bro forget shopping; you better spend your dear Sunday relaxing and preparing for the next work week. You must be wondering what the solution is. Well, all you need is a coliving PG near Forum Mall. This way you can escape to this lively place whenever you feel like.

To save your time and effort, we have curated a list of top 5 Colive powered Coliving PGs near Forum Mall:


1. Colive Riga

Distance from Forum Mall: 3.2 Km

Monthly Rental: Starts from 23K

Property Features: Urban and chic rooms with premium amenities & utilities to make your daily activities enjoyable, affordable and comfortable.

Property Rating: 4.2


2. Colive Springfield

Distance from Forum Mall: 2.5 Km

Monthly Rental: Starts from 8K

Property Features: Studio rooms are available in double-sharing option & ideal for couples. Common spaces like community kitchen& lounge space are available to make coliving even more fun.

Property Rating: 4.2


3. Colive Tornio

Distance from Forum Mall: 550 m

Monthly Rental: Starts from 8K

Property Features: Seamless Hi-Speed WiFi, Professional housekeeping, Community kitchen, Dining hall and more.

Property Rating: 4.1


4. Colive Clovis

Distance from Forum Mall: 2.6 Km

Monthly Rental: Starts from 8.5K

Property Features: Professional housekeepers and modern facilities like seamless WiFi connection, 24×7 CCTV surveillance, and many more.

Property Rating: 3.2


5. Colive Primus

Distance from Forum Mall: 1.9 Km

Monthly Rental: Starts from 21K

Property Features: Fully furnished rooms with modern amenities and safety features

Property Rating: 4.1

And we have listed just few options related to Coliving PGs near Forum Mall. You can browse through even more PGs on Colive app or website and choose the one that suits best based upon your office location as well.