Co-Living - From Roommates to BFFs

Co-living – From Roommates to BFFs

Shifting to a new city for further studies or a job seems intimidating for the fact that you have to live away from friends and family. Even while opting for the shared space, there is a constant fear of accommodating with a stranger. But things are not as difficult as we perceive in our thoughts. What if things are the other way round?

Sharing a room with someone might not be easy at first but sometimes in life, we simply connect with someone and that bond stays forever. And when you meet the right person you don’t even realize when roommates transform into BFFs.

Here are a few things that you can relate to when you stay in Colive co-living spaces:

Sharing is caring

Staying together is all about sharing everything from room to food to clothes and anything you can name of. When you become good friends with your roommates then sharing stuff with each other makes your bond grow stronger.

Watching TV shows together

You watch all TV shows together, from the popular ones to the eeriest ones. Watching shows and movies together doubles the fun especially when one of you arranges for the stuff to munch on!!

Chit-chat partner

Once you are home from a long and hectic day, you know you have someone to chat with. In fact you wait to reach home and vent it all about the day’s gossip. Relatable much?

Nothing is hidden

You know every little thing about each other. Be it the favourite food, party mood, places to chill, family and friends. From the best to the worst, name it and you know it.

Care like Family

When one is sick, the other takes care just like a family member would. You do their part of the work and just make sure that they get fit and fine.

The Family connection

You know all about their family. Rather you connect so well with their family that it seems like your own. You know when they’ll call or facetime her. Their family also knows whom to call when they can’t get through her.

Secret language

Slowly you evolve your secret language! You two have figured out texts, hand gestures and evocative glances to communicate when surrounded by people, and obviously, only the two of you can comprehend them. Sounds Fun!!

Co-living is not just about sharing space but it’s also about sharing different experiences together and this is what truly helps evolve that special bond with your co-living partners. So experience co-living like never before with Colive-the most trusted platform for fully managed ready-to-move in homes.