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With the growing crime rates in today’s world, it’s not a surprise that inhabitants are disbursing closer attention to home security. The way people live today has evolved, today people live independently, travel frequently and always want to know that their homes are safe. They’re always in contact with their friends and family through smartphone apps, and when it comes to home security systems, they expect the same ease and control. Heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? In the past few years, home security systems have come a long way. Today, home security systems can do much more than just provide protection. Thinking how? Let’s see how AI can be the answer to modern day home security.

Why Do You Need Home Security Systems?

As a tenant or homeowner, you should always pay high importance to home security systems, the pros of such systems are far more than the cons. Home security systems:

Deters Crime – Good security systems helps in protecting the inhabitants, in fact it also enhances the protection of the entire neighbourhood.

Allows Remote Access – Up-to-date security systems allow remote monitoring of the house, basically gives live update on that’s happening inside your home when you are not present.

Protects Valuables – Home security systems have alarms which buzz up when any suspicious activity is carried out, these alarms can scare of many would be burglars and also notify the local authorities.  

Makes Room for Peace of Mind – That sense of peace and security you gain with such systems is perhaps the extreme benefit of all.

AI Powered Home Security Systems

Home security is a ripe area for commotion. Facebook photo tagging feature uses AI in the form of facial recognition, this feature has a 97 percent accuracy rate for over 214 million Facebook users in the United States (US) alone. That similar deep learning mechanism has the potential to work in home security technology where it can effectively track the comings and goings of home visitors. Basically, just as AI-powered phones can classify a new photo as a tree or a dog, AI paired with security cameras can learn the variance between an intruder and a visitor. Take a look at few AI- powered home security systems that are changing the face of old-style home security:

Robotic Monitoring

Unlike traditional home security systems which demanded manual people monitoring day and night, robotic monitoring systems automatically contact emergency services for you. This means you can rest easier knowing your home is protected. The new gen self-monitored security systems syndicate sensors, motion detectors, and security cameras powered with AI which can instantly assess a possible break-in or other emergencies. By applying AI algorithms like facial and voice recognition, some systems can even call for emergency services autonomously, totally eliminating the need for a manual monitoring service.

Cameras And Sensors

Security cameras powered with AI feature HD cameras and motion sensors which automatically instigate recording when an intruder is spotted. Some of the latest AI-powered devices use facial recognition to “meet” folks who visit a home and shape a catalog of known individuals. This smart behaviour makes it convenient for the system to distinguish burglars from false alarms, like unanticipated guests or the family member.

Smart Home Integration

Nearly all self-monitored home security systems can integrate with the rest of the smart home’s technology. Light systems, smart door locks, digital assistants are few of them to name. Smart home integration is basically to leverage security, convenience, and comfort.

Facial Recognition

Using AI-powered algorithms, the modern generation smart home security systems integrate facial recognition, 3D sensors, and geofencing which can track and identify different family and friends as they enter a home premises.

Audio Sensors and Recording

Smart systems these days always include a microphone which can record during emergencies. If such intelligent system detects any abnormal activity, the microphone allows to determine whether it’s a criminal sneaking into the home or just a disobedient teenager. Such systems can even detect breaking glass.

Will AI Wipe-Off Human-Powered Security

When it comes to the well-being of you and your family, the ultimate shield used to come from a monitoring service, where live security people stand 24/7. But in the face of rapidly advancing AI technology, such measures could be on their way out. AI-powered modern home security systems can already do a lot, and in the years to come they surely promise an immersive, whole-home defense system.

Final Thoughts

As AI makes its way into homes, it’s important to keep safety at the forefront and use trusted providers like Colive. Their Branded Serviced Homes are integrating AI in the smartest way which means – A Safe And Secure Place To Live In.