7 Amazing Apps for People Living in a Shared Space

apps for people living in a shared space

Whether you’re a student or a working person, you will have to move out of the comforts of your hometown someday to lead an independent life. But this comes with numerous challenges, like finding a suitable place to live and a like-minded roommate. Living with a roommate can be sometimes challenging but when you act smartly, this challenge can be evaded easily. But, did you know that there are certain apps for people living in a shared space to help them out?

If you are living outside your hometown, you might probably be living in a PG, a shared room or an apartment based on your feasibility and obviously on budget and other factors. But these life choices come at a price. You will have to make adjustments at different times and places. Not only with a roommate but sometimes with a budget, location, and you will have much more to consider. 

Making these adjustments could be a lot difficult, but thanks to the advancement in science and technology we now have many means to help manage the tenancy and room sharing ordeals. Earlier where you needed to use traditional methods like keeping a diary entry on your budget and expenditure or discuss your contributions every month with your roommate, some apps have made it possible to manage these affairs more efficiently. 

Ranging from the apps you can use to record your monthly expenditures to the ones you can use for a shared office ride, here are 7 must-have apps for people living in a shared space.

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1. Splitwise

It is common among people who share a space to share a bill and sometimes the expenses are missed or not shared, which might affect roommate relationships. But, Splitwise is such a mobile application that allows users to share the expenses equally. Moreover, all the members are notified each time an expense is incurred. 

This makes Splitwise one of the best apps for people living in a shared space. 

2. Venmo by PayPal

Sometimes you and your roommate might have to settle balances and splits, which may become impossible in case one of you is out of the town. What would the either of you do in such a scenario? The best solution will be to use Venmo by PayPal which enables you to send money instantly to your roommate. 

Thus, this makes Venmo one of the best apps for people living in a shared space. 

3. OurGroceries Shopping List

Often people living in a shared space have to deal with issues like shortage of household items and believe us, being a millennial one has hardly any spare time to deal with buying grocery. Then, there is also the issue of keeping your roommates informed about what’s missing from your kitchen stock. 

To resolve this issue, you must place your trust in an app called Our Groceries Shopping List which allows you to share grocery lists with your roommates instantly and telling them what needs to be brought on priority. Thus, this makes it one of the best apps for people living in a shared space. 

4. Chorma

Everybody loves to take a good amount of rest on the weekends. But it is also the best time to do some chores like cleaning your room, doing laundry or visiting the nearby grocery store. But you will always find such roommates who love rest rather than helping you out. How would you deal with such roommates?

The best way to deal with such roommates and ensure that all household chores are done efficiently, you must place your trust in Chorma —  one of the best apps for people living in a shared space. It allows you to organize household chores with your roommates in a fun and easy way. 

5. The Urban Company

Often for people who live outside their hometown in a rented or shared space, finding mechanics or services like laundry, salon, etc. can be a hard thing to do. Even when you live with roommates, the overall ordeals that these things can bring can fall hard on you. 

But, thanks to apps like the Urban Company which allows you to hire experts at a very reasonable price for jobs like carpenter, electricians, repairing, salon, spa, etc, thus making it one of the best apps for people living in a shared space. 

6. White Noise

Just like we discussed the kinds of roommates you will meet in a shared or rental space, the noisy ones are the worst. Some have a habit of making noise especially when they plug-in their earphones and sing along. Some even have a habit of talking loudly on the phone, making noise while doing the dishes and being bathroom singers. We surely can’t miss out considering the sufferings of the ones who live with roommates who snore at night and laugh loudly while binge-watching a TV series.

White Noise is one of the best apps for people living in a shared space which can help you sleep more peacefully, without any distractions. Moreover, it also comes with features like an advanced alarm that slowly fades audio in and out for you to awake more refreshed.

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7. Microsoft To-Do: Lists, Tasks & Reminders

Not that we have discussed a few apps to deal with your roommates. Let’s talk about why you should try to be a good roommate from your end as well. Well, there are numerous things you can do from your end to be a good roommate, which we have already discussed in one of our previous blogs. One of them is remembering to have an equal share in everything, especially in household chores. 

One of the best apps for people living in a shared space —  Microsoft To Do allows you to plan and manage your own tasks and reminds you constantly of the task pending. 

Living outside your hometown can be a bit difficult for newcomers. There may be many challenges like dealing with your roommates or even managing daily household chores. But the above listed are must-have apps for people living in a shared space. 

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