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The pandemic of coronavirus is a major health crisis for the world leaving all in panic and utter chaos. We have been staying at home for more than two months now and the lockdown continues in the Nation in the fourth phase with the cases still going up. Our lives have been affected by the ongoing crisis manifold —  whether it’s work from home or maintaining hygiene in and around us.

But as we approach closer to the end of the month of May, the millennials will now have to look out for a safer home that they can rely on to stay safe and work from home efficiently. 

The Coronavirus threat is alarming. The virus that first originated in Wuhan, China has now taken the world by storm and has turned into a global health emergency. This was only three months ago, but the rate at which coronavirus is knocking the doors globally is daunting. In India, as of May 30th, 2020, a total of 1,73,763 cases have been reported.  The corporate sector has directed its employees to stay at their homes and work from home as traveling can’t be considered safe during the ongoing crisis. 

The nationwide lockdown which was announced back in March 2020 witnessed several stages. Many adequate measures were taken by the concerned in India to mitigate the threat like canceling of international flights, spreading awareness on mobile phones, and more. But due to the lockdown, the corporates had to suffer losses which after two months need to be mitigated.

To mitigate the losses, the corporate sector is putting efforts to get back on track and to make sure that all the employees are safe. But since there shouldn’t be any halt to the entire workflow, these employees have also been advised to work from home. 

Work from home might ensure a smooth workflow for the corporate sector and might help you work in the comfort of your home. So, why wait? Take your laptop and sit down on a couch for a comfy work from home. But, stop —  your challenges do not end there! 

Work from home may seem like an easy way of working but sometimes making it efficient can really be challenging. When you aren’t working in your office, there can be a number of distractions and mostly there can even be a lack of accountability and communication, which can ultimately result in low productivity. This may then seem like a hard task to achieve but since safety comes first, you might be left with no other choice.

But making work from home efficient isn’t an impossible target to achieve. Many people work remotely from their offices due to reasons like being a working parent, managing affairs of a particular zone for the company, etc. Yet, they have suggested that working from home wasn’t a hard thing for them after all. So, why can’t you? With Colive you definitely can!

The issue of the spread of coronavirus needs to be addressed not only by the government but also by the employees, who need to make sure of their safety. As an employee of a firm, you need to take preventive measures and cooperate with the safety instructions, without compromising the needs of your employer. So how can you make your work from home more efficient without hampering productivity?

Don’t worry, we at Colive are determined to make your work from home efficient with the best services across the cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Though you can work from home in a shared space or rented houses, would you achieve efficiency amid noisy neighbors, lack of private spaces, and inefficient internet? But Colive is there to back you in order to make your working from home experience the best. 

Still not convinced? Let’s discuss why Colive is the best place for you to work from home during and post the phase of lockdown.

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  1. Your own personal space

Your own personal space while you work from home

Today most millennials worry about their privacy when staying in a shared space or PG. This is especially the case with the ones working from home as it demands efficiency even if you like working flexibly and comfortably. If you want to be efficient at work you need the right environment to work in and get rid of distractions.

When you live in a rental house or a shared room, you might find a number of distractions like your roommate playing loud music and even noisy neighbors who have kids or pets.

But when you live in a coliving space, you can avail yourself of your own personal space where you can work efficiently and make an office-like environment with no distractions and people around you to shout on to remain quiet.

2. Co-working spaces to work from home efficiently 

Coworking spaces

How about the joy of coworking you can experience while working from home? The coworking industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Initially a concept, the coworking industry has now become a culture among millennials, especially the ones looking out to start afresh in big cities like Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad.

Colive promises spacious coworking spaces where you can enjoy working alongside other millennials from Colive and even have an office-like environment to work efficiently without feeling bored. 

3. 24×7 high-speed internet 

High-speed Internet

Working from home, 24×7 high-speed internet is an urgency for all millennials. Since they have been allowed to work from home, it is their duty to complete all tasks assigned to them on time and report it back to their companies.

But many fail to do so when staying at home or even while staying in a shared room or apartment as sometimes they face several issues with their internet connection. And reporting an issue and then awaiting its resolution from the internet provider can take hours.

Then the service provider will take you to numerous steps or processes of registering the complaint, then waiting for the executive to arrive, and even when he arrives, he may ask you to wait for several hours until your internet is rebooted. Your entire day will be wasted with no productivity and you will be distressed throughout the day. 

But Colive lets you evade these issues by promising you a hassle-free 24×7 high-speed internet with maximum bandwidth for an efficient work from home and great productivity. 

4. Best for Conference/ Effective CommunicationBest for Conference

Working in the corporate world, all millennials have to attend meetings with their teams or even with the clients to decide, plan, and execute their work. This is essential for a smooth workflow. But working from home especially when you stay in a PG or shared room can be frustrating as you would lack communication with your colleagues or team members.

When working from home, it can be often hard to get in touch with your team and complete the tasks efficiently as you aren’t in your office confinements. To resolve this issue, you can get to a conference with your team but you would still need high-speed internet and private space so that you can attend calls without disturbance.

Colive is the best place to go on a conference call or connect with your colleagues with high-speed internet with maximum bandwidth and your own personal space without the worry of noisy neighbors and kids around. 

5. Evading the challenge of cooking meals

Evade the issue of cooking meals

When you are staying at home and working the biggest challenge is to cook your meals or ordering it from a food delivery platform. You can’t work effectively in an empty stomach. You need to keep your body energized and hydrated all the time. For this, you need to take out spare time to cook your meals. Moreover, many of us do not know how to cook. What would you do in such a scenario? 

Evade your worries as when you stay with Colive, you get premium meals twice a day with their food service Foodgasm which serves hygienic and delicious meals to all its residents.

6. A hygienic place to work

Hygienic Place to work from home

The year 2020 left the world in a panic with the pandemic of COVID-19. Where once ‘cheap home’ was a trending search term for millennials looking for a new home, now ‘clean home’ has replaced it. Earlier, the budget was a major concern among the millennials and cheap living facilities was a trend term people would search online in cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

New home seekers now search for key terms like safe stay, clean and hygienic homes, etc. and only the Coliving industry can fulfill all their requirements. Talking about working from home, commuting to workplaces during the outbreak isn’t safe but Colive can help the millennials work from home efficiently with clean, well-maintained and hygienic coworking spaces, and help them achieve maximum productivity. 

At Colive, we provide the best rental homes at an affordable rate. We have beefed up our safety against COVID-19 at our facilities by taking adequate hygiene measures. We also provide you with a High-Speed Internet to give you the ultimate experience of work from home, considering the current scenario. Facing issues finding clean and well-maintained homes for you? Visit our website and schedule a visit today! 

We hope most of you must be working from home in this global health emergency. How is your work from home experience? Share your thoughts in the comments.