Renting first home in Bangalore

6 point checklist for people renting first home in Bangalore

Renting home in Bangalore for the first time? Confused about where to start from? Worry not! We are here to make the task a cakewalk for you. And believe us after reading this blog post; you will have all the information that makes the process of renting first home in Bangalore super-duper easy. So, let’s get started!

Renting a home is a big life choice and thus requires much thought and consideration. Right from setting the rental budget to ultimately moving to your home; each step must be very thoughtful. Below is a 6 point checklist to make the process of renting first home in Bangalore easy. Read on:

1. Choose the location

Bangalore is a big city and hence you must figure out the location where you wish to rent a flat. This helps narrow down your search. Choose location wisely based upon its proximity to your work place as well as other basic amenities like grocery stores and malls.

2. Your requirements

You must have a clear picture of things that you are looking for in your home. And this will be based upon your requirements. In general, the basic needs include a well-furnished room, a clean washroom, availability of necessary amenities and safety aspects. Once you are able to determine what’s important for you; you will be further able to narrow down your search.

3. Your Budget

The planning for a new rental accommodation remains incomplete until you set a budget that can be allocated for housing purpose. You allocate what you can afford or you simply cut down on other expenses to accommodate an expensive PG in your budget. Complete depends on your personal choice and obviously monthly income.

4. Rent Inclusions

The more things included within the monthly rental amount; the better it is. The utilities that don’t come inclusive of the rent will require extra expense from your side. So, make it a point to confirm with your landlord about the facilities that he is providing within the monthly rent. But if you opt for Colive rental accommodation then almost all facilities will be included within the monthly rental amount. Isn’t it great?

5. Maintenance work

When considering a PG for rent; get all clarity related to maintenance and home repairs work. It’s best if the landlord agrees to take care of the maintenance related expenses.

6. Rental Agreement

When you are done with all the necessary inspections related to the rental accommodation; you would be required to sign the rental agreement to confirm the deal. You must read the agreement carefully and ensure that all the necessary aspects related to your discussion with the landlord are mentioned there. Further, find out specifically the tenure of your rental agreement. Fix the tenure based upon your expected stay in that city or maybe in that particular PG to avoid any hassles later.

Keep the above mentioned checklist in mind while going for renting first home in Bangalore and you will definitely grab a good deal. Happy Coliving!!