Great Tips for Couples Moving In Together

There are loads of milestones in a relationship. The first kiss, the first holiday, anniversaries, birthdays and many more. But at the top of them all is the ultimate milestone that happens before things get legal; moving in together. It is an important decision and a huge step in any serious relationship. In fact, in some cases, it can even make or break the relationship completely.

Moving in with your loved one must be an exciting move, but sometimes, it can prove to be a little challenging. It involves innumerate hurdles and efforts. Are you going to find a new place together? Is one of you going to be the one who moves? What stays and what goes? How does the budget work? It’s important to handle all these challenges healthily to make the relationship thrive and make moving in together a sweet milestone in the photo book. 

So, here is some hard-earned wisdom about the practice of mutual cohabitation, otherwise known as- Moving in with the boo! 

Space is key

Space doesn’t just mean physical space. 

You don’t have to approach every single aspect of your life as a couple. Learn to appreciate your partner’s need for privacy and learn not to take it personally if he/she wants some time alone. Similarly, it is also important for you to take some time and space for yourself whenever you feel like. Co-living is all about mutual respect, for both similarities and differences. 

Keep Your Mind Open

Moving in together is just not a relationship milestone. It can also be an amazing turning point and a learning experience for you. You are used to living life in a linear setup and it might get uncomfortable to quickly change it to something else. But if you keep your mind open and start doing things differently with your partner, you might just enjoy what comes new and introduce your life to a new way. There is no ‘right way’ to do anything. Just because it’s different from how you do it or have done it in the past, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s okay to not do things as you’ve always been doing them and its okay to go off course. 

So the next time you get pushy about keeping the poster that does not go well with the wall, think again! 

Hold that Tongue!

There is nothing that spoils an amazing relationship like bitter words! 

Anger is a toxic emotion and sometimes can get the best of us. But when you are living with someone, all of your habits (good and bad) often get magnified to the other person. What you say will affect them in many ways you wouldn’t intend. Both of you need to learn to control your anger and keep the bickering cute, only cute.  

Talk Money

Someone wise once said “Marriage is nothing but co-living with shared assets”
I am not going to tell you who said it but I am definitely telling you what it means. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to just simply split the bill as you do with your friends at the bar.
Budgeting is a completely different ballgame when it comes to moving in together. You guys will have to figure out a way together to attend to expenses that can be divided and expenses that can’t. This can also mean a lot of misunderstandings and bickering. For example, one of you might be keen on saving and the other might be keen on getting that expensive vacuum cleaner (which is a shared asset). 

The best way to resolve these kinds of issues is…

Constant Communication

Yep! You were right to be surprised that this isn’t at the top of the list. 

Whether you guys are living together or not, communication is the foundation of any relationship. Whatever it is, talk about it! By the time you decide to move in together, you should be comfortable enough to openly discuss whatever is on your mind with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Who handles the bills? Who is buying groceries? Who is doing the dishes? Who is taking the trash out? Talk it all out! 

People can be a lot of things but none of them is a perfect mind reader and neither should they be. So if something your partner does pisses you off, learn to spell it out for them without being mean. Does your partner look extra good today? Tell him/her that as well. 

Healthy communication is a real problem-solver. 

Realistic Expectations

Modern media makes moving in together look all romantic and beautiful with cute outfits, good angles, and pleasant background music. 

Truth is, it can be a real pain in the ass. 

We don’t mean to scare you out of your beautiful relationship but please do think it over and over again before you make the major move. Living with your partner is really one of the coolest things in life. But both of you need to understand that nobody is perfect, especially not behind closed doors. Learn to keep your expectations realistic. Take some time to know your partner for who he/she is at home and appreciate the values and lessons it brings to your life. 

Lastly, here is an over-discussed aspect of moving in together- The logistics involved. 

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