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After my graduation, I moved out of my home to a new city for higher studies and work on things I was passionate about. However, creativity doesn’t come out of loneliness! At the end of the day, you need to be happy and carefree to work on your dreams. They say, a home is where the heart is, and if you keep on being homesick, there is little good that you could do. It didn’t take me long to shift to a co-living space from my hostel and that’s when it all changed! They were crazy people from different backgrounds but the one thing that matched was our love for independence and the dream of making something good out of us. For those who are moving out of their homes for the first time, it’s true that there lie a lot of apprehensions about the people you would meet. But, we are a generation that is rather straightforward. While each one of us wears their own unique personality, it’s the passion to be independent that makes us a part of the same millennia.

Living with new people is an experience that youngster must have. It makes you more prepared for the world out there. In spite of all the apprehensions, you will eventually build a friendship that will last a lifetime. This is when you stop being homesick and make a home out of the shared apartment! While there will always be setbacks and differences when you share your living space with others, life is always fun and happening. There will be someone to care for you on sick days, even if it means prescribing a bottle of beer instead of medicines!

One of the things I loved in my co-living experience was the movie nights together. These were the evenings when we would have ordered/cooked our food early and be ready on our beanbags with bottles ready to be replaced in the fridge!


The Best Hollywood Movie List is here


I have always believed cinema to have the power of encouraging conversations and these conversations always go beyond small talks. However, as I have already said earlier, it is necessary to understand that you are sharing the screen with people with different personalities. Finding a movie that matches the taste of everyone is hard but here are few that can never go wrong!

1. The Roommate

Roommates are unusual but always interesting. Here’s a movie that depicts the idea of having your grandfather as your roommate! The movie shows how people who would seem odd to live with can become the best buddies. The eccentric humor will keep you guys giggling!

2. Dumb and Dumber

Jim Carry in his crazy best! The movie is about two friends who are alike and support each other in the craziest things you can ever imagine. Be ready for a lot of adult humor!

3. Reality Bites

Another story about a group of roommates living together after college. The group includes a repressed homosexual, a slacker who doesn’t want to work and a valedictorian who finds it to be a harsh world. You can imagine the story!

4. Paranormal Activities

There’s nothing better than a horror night with friends and Paranormal Activity is one of the best in the genre. Just don’t start planning voodoo after the movie!

5. You, Me and Dupree

The title is centered on an uninvited guest who stays on to become a roommate for a couple. Being a friend, they can’t get rid of him and having him around lands them in crazy troubles.

6. The Hangover

A favorite among any group of friends, you certainly cannot see this movie enough times together!

7. The Breakfast Club

A movie that revolves around the story of five random high school students who get detained and how with time their friendship grows stronger.

8. Punch Drunk Love

A classic featuring Adam Sandler, it’s a very realistic and humorous portrayal of a love affair among misfits. The movie has its own set of surreal moments and funny moments.

Having moved to yet another city today, I still miss the fun but hey, there’s still time! Enjoy the days and you will want them to never end.