Furnished flat in Bangalore – Top 3 things to verify before finalizing

furnished flat in Bangalore
furnished flat in Bangalore

Top 3 things to verify before finalizing a furnished flat in Bangalore

Why regret when you can review! If you are still wondering what this means then imagine being bragged about a furnished flat but coming home to not even the basic minimum amenities. Hurts right!! Even in the present times, there are many hostels with super weird and unnecessary paying guest accommodation rules that are hard to imagine and harder to follow. And these are just some of the things that’ll make you regret your move into a new furnished flat in Bangalore.

This implies that it is important to do a thorough check of the furnished flat that you are planning to move in. Team Colive lists the top 3 things that you must consider before finalizing a furnished flat in Bangalore and paying off the rent, security deposits as well as the hefty brokerage fee.

Speaking of the brokerage fee… Do you feel like getting a PG accommodation without paying any brokerage fee? Also the one that doesn’t ask you for more than a month’s security deposit? Wait!!Do you think this is too much to ask for?The answer is that these requirements are the basics at Colive, your very own tech-enabled rental platform. At our co-living spaces, you don’t need to worry about any living hassles as all the household chores are well taken care of. And the move-in process is also super smooth because from finding a residence to paying your monthly rents, everything is done via our Colive app.

But let’s not deviate from the topic. Let’s get you acquainted with the top 3 things you must consider while moving into a furnished flat in Bangalore. Read on:

  1. Property Visit

All property listings are marketed in a way that people consider them the exact match for their requirements. But all that glitters is not gold. Hence the property manager may claim for example that the property is conveniently located but believe it only after doing a personal check. And this can be best done by visiting the locality yourself. So, visit the property, check everything closely and then make the final decision.


  1. Rules and regulations

If this is going to be your first Rental home experience then you must know that each PG is different when it comes to rules and regulations. Obviously not every PG accommodation can offer you the freedom and homely feel like Colive does! Well, there are chances that you can come across landlords with strict rules like come home before 8 pm or Don’t call your friends at the PG and in such a situation it’s best to take a U-turn right away.


  1. Amenities

Learn to differentiate between advertising and reality. The Landlord might try to enthral you by listing down N no. of amenities but believe in only what you see. Make sure to verify the paying guest facilities that you were promised before you move in. Otherwise, you would be left with serious regret.

We really hope that the above mentioned points help you in verifying the PG that’s best for you. And if by any chance you fail to find the right match then visit Colive website to get the best PG in Bangalore. Happy Coliving!!