Senior living in Bangalore

Experience Senior Coliving at its Best in Bangalore

Senior living in Bangalore is a growing trend just like millennial coliving. You must be wondering what senior coliving is like? Well! The simplest answer to this question is that just like a Coliving space in Bangalore provides the desired features and facilities for the newbies; the same way senior coliving in Bangalore are homes designed keeping the needs and wants of elder people in mind. And these range from basic to luxury apartments to accommodate all income groups.

So let’s take you through the list of amenities that are provided at Colive Vanaprastha – The Colive powered Senior living spaces in Bangalore. Read on:

  • Landscaped Garden

What better way to induce a sense of happiness and wellbeing than nature all around. Seniors at Colive Senior living in Bangalore experience living close to nature with our landscaped garden.

  • Walking Path

Walk more, Stay fit! This is what seniors at Colive Vanaprastha practice on daily basis by enjoying blissful walk.

  • Library

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet”. The library confines the whole world inside and the books let you explore it. Seniors love spending time at library and this inspires us to keep the library updated with more books of their interest.

  • Lounge/Recreational Center

The lounge at our Senior living homes in Bangalore is as full of enthusiasm and cheer as the lounge at Coliving accommodation for millennials. Means seniors enjoy this space!

  • Cafeteria

Good healthy food is what we serve at the Cafeteria and the residents truly love it.

  • Games Room

Why should millenials have all the fun? Playing games can cheer you up like nothing else and hence the games room is a big hit at Colive Vanaprastha.

  • Fitness Room

Here, the residents can do regular workout under the guidance of health coach.

  • Meditation/Yoga

Meditation is the best way to relax and rejuvenate. Hence, early morning meditation and yoga sessions experience full attendance.

Senior living in Bangalore provides elders the opportunity to spend the golden years of their life among the community of same aged and like-minded individuals.

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