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One of the primary cyphers of becoming an adult is to start living independently in your own home. It’s that time when you say goodbye to those PGs or hostels and find a home that perfectly suits your needs. When we say finding a home, it doesn’t really mean buying one – Welcome to “Generation Rent” – Today’s millennials have totally disrupted the housing industry, as they are choosing to rent, they are turning their backs to the traditional concept of home ownership – and guess what it’s all for good.

Advantages Of Renting An Apartment

There’s a big propaganda about why one needs to own a house, few of them are financial security and the so-called Tax benefits. But, millennials no longer value such perks, in fact owning a house is nowhere on their agenda, today the trend has moved towards renting. There are several advantages of renting an apartment, we picked up some of the most pertinent ones:

Affordability – This had to be #1, millennials live on a budget, most of them are in the budding level of their careers, hence cannot afford to buy expensive houses. Renting perhaps is the best option to live independently that too in your preferred budget.

Savings – Today young working professionals earn a decent amount of money but so are the numerous other temptations that leaves the pockets lighter by the end of the month. Savings among today’s millennials is already a scarce concept.  Buying a house means it will take away all you saved and don’t forget the home loan that will go on and on for the next 20-30 years which means you cannot save.

Freedom & Flexibility – Living in a PG or hostels means innumerable restrictions, on the other hand staying in your own rented apartment means freedom and flexibility. Also, buying a home demands a commitment to stay in an area for a long period of time which can bring in boredom, renting means a clear chance to break that momentum.

Enjoy Your Own Personal Space – Lack of personal space is like one big problem for most of the millennials, living in a rented apartment serves as the best option as you find your own corner of the world.

Good Food – Coming back home and getting tasteless food is a nightmare, it fact it is one big reason for stress and frustration. Cooking is therapeutic, staying in your own rented apartment gives you freedom to cook and eat what you like, which means happy you.

Enjoy Awesome Neighbourhoods – Buying a home doesn’t guarantee good neighbourhoods, in fact is can also cause social disconnect. Millennials enjoy constant social opportunities, hence living in a community which is vibrant and has hundreds of like-minded renters is surely an appealing option.

Colive: Your Preferred Renting Partner

Millennials have exposed the ease and convenience of renting. And, with Colive, millennials can rent Stylish, Safe, Serviced & Smart Homes in the most hassle-free manner.  Live together with like-minded people, no creepy landlord experiences, secured and controlled homes, access to community and jaw-dropping features (Bed, cupboard, TV, Internet, Housekeeping, etc.) … you name it they got it. Attracted in knowing more about our awesome home-rental solutions? Then just try out now!

Final Thoughts 

Deciding whether you want to buy or rent is a totally your personal verdict. What is best for you and your circumstances? Investing in a house is a long-term commitment, are you ready for it? Or you would like the enjoy the freedom to move when you want to? It’s over to you now….