Living with roommates (Co-Living) is a completely different experience. The lucky ones may find the most amazing friends in the form of roommates while others will consider it no less than a nightmare. However, either of the cases would be a learning experience for life. Here are some of the things that living with roommates will teach you:


Shared living (Co-living) with a completely new person teaches you a lot about them as well as yourself. When you live and interact with people coming from different walks of life, you come across various differences as well as similarities, which will make you adjusting. Sometimes you might have to compromise on certain issues and other times you might make the other person adjust according to you. So living with roommates will definitely teach you a lot about adjusting.


Patience is a rare trait especially when we talk about the millennials and gen z. The ones who have lived in joint family culture may still be more patient than others. Living with roommates makes you realize that not everything will be done as per your convenience. While you settle with new roommates, you eventually end up being much more patient than before. Be it waiting for your turn to take a shower, or trying to get things arranged, you develop a sense of patience.


Communication skill greatly improves when you get to deal or communicate with new people. So, when you have to live in the same house with a completely new person, you cannot afford to have arguments about every small thing. For happy and peaceful Co-living, communicating effectively with your roommate is very important. Hence, you gradually evolve this skill of communicating your point and at the same time considering the other person’s opinion as well. You will understand how you need to speak to convince someone and how to maintain a cordial relationship.


Right from childhood, we have been taught this very important characteristic i.e., sharing. But have you really learnt it? If not, then living with roommates will surely help you develop this trait. It is similar to living with siblings, but this time, you have the option to choose them! Living with roommates means sharing; not just the house but also the expenses, food, materialistic things, and even memories, stories & experiences.

These 4 learning acquired through Co-living can go a long way in making you a value-driven person.