Fun never stops at Colive, there is always social gathering with-in Colive community to make your life more interesting every moment.
Cinema & Fitness room
  • Colive Properties are equipped with fitness and cinema room which keeps all the residents occupied and motivated every single day.
  • Studio Hype, is one of a kind exclusive dance club for all the Colivers with interesting workshop.
Events & Celebrations
  • Colive organizes tournaments for Badminton, Table Tennis, Football & more to the residents.
  • Colive Community members socialize everyday & Common spaces are always buzzing with lot of happening crowd around.
  • Colive loves weekends with specially curated events every weekend with special workshops for Zumba, Yoga, Kick Boxing, Choreography, Dance & more.
Community kitchen
  • The common kitchen makes chefs out of the residents who are free to cook food according to their tastes and stay healthy and satisfied.