Amazing Stays

Deliver branded corporate stays to your employees and wow them during times of recruitment or relocation.

Life Upgrades

Let your employees receive tailor-made deals & offers suited to their lifestyle needs, as long as they're on your payroll.

Radius Control

Keep your friends close, and your employees closer, in homes that are a stone's throw away from your office premises.

Colive-PaP Vantage Point

As a Colive Preferred Accommodation Partner, you don't just upgrade the employee experience. You actually end up upgrading yourself as an employer at no additional cost to you!

  • 100GB of monthly WiFi access per user
  • Just one month's rent payable as security deposit
  • Flexible payment options (Bill to company/ Bill to user)
  • Zero lock-in period for employees
  • Highest safety & security standards for your cherished resources
  • Data security & privacy for your organization's off-campus presence
  • Higher productivity during work-from-home days
  • High employee retention potential with serviced corporate stays

Branded Communications

Colive Preferred accommodation Partners receive pre-built employee-facing communications & collateral designed by us.

  • Personalized email campaigns customized to your employee's tastes & preferences
  • Easy move-in dashboard links
  • Personalized sign-up kit to welcome your employees into the Colive family
  • Physical information-access points carrying property/rental information, for your office
  • Additional print collateral to maximize exposure & awareness within your organization regarding corporate accommodation availability
  • Your brand gets featured on our website as a listed partner

Our Valuable Partners

I just love the vibe in this place!


Colive Corporate Resident

There is nothing better than Colive.


Colive Corporate Resident

The experience, is just "wow".


Colive Corporate Resident

The experience, is just "wow".


Colive Corporate Resident

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