Advantages and Disadvantages of Room Sharing in Chennai

Living in a big city all on your own can be difficult, especially if you are not earning a hefty salary every month. For this reason, many millennials consider shared accommodation, a practical way of reducing monthly expenses.

Sharing a rental property can be either easy or an experience you’d rather want to forget. Room sharing has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

In case you are unable to make the decision about room sharing, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages to help you make this important decision:

Advantages Disadvantages
Cost is the most obvious reason to go for room sharing. When you share a room, the rental per head reduces drastically. It is not just your rent but many additional costs also get divided. Sharing the room means that you will have a smaller space for yourself. So, if you are sharing a flat, you may have to compromise on space and privacy.
When you live with other people, you always have someone by your side with whom you can share your worries and happy moments. You can cook, eat, and watch movies together or just sit and talk all night.  Room sharing can sometimes be very bothersome too. You may have talked about dividing the chores and even the bills. However, if your flatmates are not responsible, you might have to go through a lot of hassles.
You will be able to expand your circle by meeting new people. It is a great opportunity to engage with people from different backgrounds and network with them. This way, you learn to be more inclusive and also get to understand diverse cultures. Since you are sharing a space, you will need to ask your flatmate for permission each time you want to hold a party or invite friends over a chat. This is seen as one of the most common issues for having disputes between people sharing a flat.
In a shared room, you always have someone to do the household chores like laundry, cleaning the house or the kitchen.  
Having a roommate can decrease the chance of a break-in and help you feel safe at night, knowing that there is another person in the house.  

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