offerExciting Offer!! LOWEST price guaranteed, ZERO deposit, Rent starts at ₹ 7000 Only         offerExciting Offer!! LOWEST price guaranteed, ZERO deposit, Rent starts at ₹ 7000 Only         offerExciting Offer!! LOWEST price guaranteed, ZERO deposit, Rent starts at ₹ 7000 Only         offerExciting Offer!! LOWEST price guaranteed, ZERO deposit, Rent starts at ₹ 7000 Only     

Best PGs in Bellandur Bangalore for Ladies, Gents and Couples

PG in Bellandur for ladies, gents and couples with modern amenities like CCTV, TV, Wifi, AC, laundry, homely food, Housekeeping, In-house staff, etc. For personalized assistance, Get in Touch with Us at  +91 7676000500  Read more..

Explore Best PG in Bellandur for a comfortable stay. Find security, convenience, and your perfect paying guest experience in Bangalore now

Make A Habitat For Your Habits

Get the best PG in Bellandur from Colive.

Your search for a luxurious, budget-friendly premium PG in Bellandur ends here.


Are you in search of a 'home away from home' in Bangalore? At Bellandur Colive, we bring you the feeling of home in another city. Bellandur is evolving as the IT hub of Bangalore, a thriving suburb.

Are you a working professional looking for a PG near Bellandur Bangalore ? We understand your needs. As pioneers in PG accommodation in Bellandur , our years of experience have given us insight into the necessities you'll require when moving to a new place.

Are you new to Bangalore and looking for a place to settle down first? Bellandur is an excellent choice, and we'll tell you why.

Public Sector Offices:

  • Bellandur has various public sector offices and provides a stable and government-centric environment.
  • Proximity to government institutions facilitates administrative processes and services.

IT Sector:

  • It is now known as the IT hub of Bangalore, Bellandur is home to numerous tech parks and IT companies.
  • Exciting opportunities for career growth and professional development in the exiciting tech community.


  • Bellandur offers a range of reputed schools, and that will ensure quality education for your children.
  • Access to diverse educational institutions catering to different curricula and teaching philosophies.


  • The presence of well-established hospitals in Bellandur ensures easy access to healthcare facilities.
  • Emergency medical services and specialised healthcare options contribute to a secure living environment.

Food Hubs:

  • A variety of food hubs and restaurants in Bellandur cater to diverse culinary preferences.
  • Explore local and international cuisines, making it a gastronomic delight for residents.

We suggest that Bellandur is not just for today, it will be your long-term home for sure. If you choose to stay in Bellandur , your future will be secured until you decide to bid farewell to Bangalore and start new endeavours.

Whether you're looking for a ladies PG in Bellandur Bangalore or a mens PG in Bellandur , Colive has got you covered.

Room Types in our PG in Bellandur Bangalore:

  • Single Occupancy: If you seek a calm stay without any disturbances, you can choose our single occupancy room in our Bellandur PG for gents . We provide stay options for both ladies' and mens PG in Bellandur .
  • 2 Sharing Rooms: If you want to start your life in Bangalore with a friend or colleague, our 2 sharing room in PG near Bellandur Bangalore is for you. We offer 2 sharing room facilities for both our men and ladies PG in Bellandur Bangalore.
  • Couple Sharing: Did you know that we provide couple sharing rooms too? If you are coming to Bangalore with a partner, there is no need to look for a home or apartment. You can stay in our PG near Bellandur Bangalore with cost-effective accommodation.
  • Luxury: We also provide luxury premium room options where you can stay like the king of your own kingdom.
Why Colive?

The first and foremost thing is the exceptional service we provide, and that makes us one of the best “ PG near Bellandur Bangalore ”.

We are trying to provide your ideal living space with comfort and convenience. As one of the premier PG near Bellandur Bangalore , Colive is committed to providing exceptional services and creating a homely atmosphere for residents. Our diverse range of room types, including single occupancy, 2 sharing rooms, couple sharing, and luxury premium rooms, are designed for various preferences and lifestyles. With 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance, your safety is our priority. Enjoy the convenience of our strategic location in Bellandur , providing easy access to essential amenities, public transportation, and nearby workplaces or educational institutions.

At Colive, we offer more than just accommodation – we provide a community living experience with shared spaces and engaging events. Discover a cost-effective and comfortable long-term housing solution with Colive.

  • Comprehensive Services:
  • Colive stands out among PG options in Bellandur due to its commitment to delivering excellent services to residents.

  • Comfortable Living Spaces:
  • Colive offers well-maintained and comfortable living spaces, ensuring a homely atmosphere for all residents.

  • Security Assurance:
  • We are providing the benefit of 24/7 security and CCTV camera surveillance. We prioritise your security and a secure living environment. Especially in, our Bellandur PG for ladies we give an extra care in the security features

  • Diverse Room Options:
  • Colive, the best gents PG in Bellandur and ladies PG in Bellandur Bangalore provides a diverse needs by offering a range of room types, including single occupancy, 2 sharing rooms, couple sharing, and luxury premium options.

  • Affordable Living Solutions:
  • As the best PG in Bellandur , we are here to provide a long term stay for you. Colive provides cost effective stay options, by including your various preferences and lifestyles.

    We offer affordable and comfortable PG accommodations for Bellandur PG for ladies, ensuring a safe, welcoming, and homely environment tailored to your needs and budget

  • Community Engagement:
  • We help you to create a friendly atmosphere at Colive, We are encouraging interaction among residents through shared common spaces and community events. Our goal is to create friendships and a community for you, we try to ensure that you have someone to rely on in a new place.

  • Convenient Location:
  • We create your home in a strategically located Bellandur PG for ladies to ensure residents have easy access to essential amenities, public transportation, and nearby workplaces or educational institutions.

  • Responsive Management:
  • The management at Colive is responsive to residents' needs, ensuring a quick resolution of issues and effective communication.

  • Amenities and Facilities:
  • Residents enjoy a range of amenities and facilities, including 24/7 security, CCTV cameras, parking facilities, three meals a day, and individual toilets. If you choose our Bellandur PG for ladies or the gents PG in Bellandur, you can rest easy.

  • Trained House Keeping:
  • At our PG near Bellandur Bangalore, we make sure to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We have a team of professionally trained housekeeping staff. Our housekeeping team is skilled in a variety of cleaning techniques, which ensure that every corner of the PG, from the common areas to the private rooms, is well cleaned and maintained.

    They are trained not only in efficient cleaning methods but also in using eco-friendly cleaning agents and practices that align with our commitment to sustainability. Regular training sessions are conducted to keep them updated with the latest hygiene standards and cleaning technologies. This attention to cleanliness ensures a comfortable, hygienic, and healthy living environment for all our residents. It makes your stay both pleasant and worry-free. Our housekeeping staff also respects the privacy and convenience of our residents, so we work with a schedule that is mindful of their routines and preferences.

  • Long-Term Housing Solution:
  • Our Bellandur PG for ladies or the gents PG in Bellandur is not just a temporary residence, it aims to be a long term home solution, providing a secure and comfortable living environment for residents.

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Find Your PG in Bellandur here
  1. Light on Budget, Heavy on Comfort:
  2. Bangalore is a place where the cost of living is very high these days. Therefore, finding a place to stay within a budget is not an easy task. With this in mind, we started with the idea of providing budget-friendly PG accommodations in Bellandur . We understand the challenges of shifting to a new place and aim to offer you a stay that feels like home, without stretching your budget. So, don't worry about your rental amount when you choose the best PG near Bellandur Bangalore . We give value to your needs and financial comfort.

    And that doesn't mean that your life will be shrinked in a small and congested room. We provide you the luxury stay within the budget. And the best part is we provide both PG in Bellandur for ladies and Bellandur PG for gents, without any gender difference you will get the luxury stay in the heart of Bangalore within your pocket.

    Moreover, our amenities are not just basic but loaded with features to enhance your living experience. These include high-speed internet, a common lounge area, laundry facilities, and more, ensuring you have everything you need right at your doorstep.

    One of the key advantages of opting for our Bellandur PG for ladies or gents PG in Bellandur is the zero brokerage policy. We believe in transparent and direct dealings, saving you from additional financial burdens. Furthermore, our policy of only requiring a 1-month deposit makes moving in more accessible and stress-free.

  3. Excellent for Work, Superior for Post-Work Relaxing:
  4. We know the needs of today and are ready for tomorrow as well. In Bangalore, many professionals are still adapting to a hybrid work status. You may or may not be going to the office, right? Whether you are working from home or on a hybrid schedule, our PG in Bellandur will help you stay productive in your work environment.

    Being the best PG near Bellandur, Bangalore, our rooms are designed considering your work requirements as well. You can work efficiently without any distractions at our PG in Bellandur. We have included essential office space requirements in every room, allowing you to work effectively and productively, just like you would at an office desk.

    Moreover, our quiet surroundings contribute to a focused work atmosphere, and it will be perfect for those who need to meet the targets or important virtual meetings. The high speed internet connectivity, comfortable furniture, and luxurious spaces all add up to create an ideal work-from-home environment. We recognize the importance of a work-life balance and strive to provide an ambiance that not only caters to your professional demands but also ensures a relaxed and comfortable living experience. With us, you get more than just a PG near Bellandur Bangalore, you get a space that respects and adapts to your dynamic lifestyle

  5. Connect with a Lively and Diverse Community
  6. Welcome to our PG in Bellandur and experience of the magic of staying in Bangalore that goes beyond just a place to stay. Our unique coliving community is designed for comfort and for connectivity, collaboration, and growth. Here, you have the opportunity to select your coliving mates, creating an environment that matches with your lifestyle and preferences.

    Life in our community is vibrant and full of opportunities to engage and enjoy. We carefully curated a social calendar in our PG in Bellandur that is filled with a variety of events, celebrations, and gatherings. Whether it’s a festive celebration, a cultural event, or a casual get-together, our community provides enough opportunities for fun, relaxation, and making lifelong friendships.

    Our community is a mix of diverse talents and professions. This diversity creates a perfect place for networking and collaboration in a new city. You’ll find yourself connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing ideas, and potentially collaborating on exciting projects. It’s not just about who you live with, it’s about the community you become a part of.

    One of the unique aspects of our community is the access to mentorship. Whether you are a young professional, a creative soul, or an entrepreneur, you will find mentors who are ready to share their knowledge and experience. This mentorship can be a guiding light as you navigate your career path, offering advice, insights, and inspiration.

    Our coliving community is more than just a place to live; it’s a place to grow, connect, and thrive. Join our PG near Bellandur Bangalore and vibe with a community that’s as vibrant and colourful as you are. If you are choosing our Bellandur PG for ladies or gents PG in Bellandur, here, every day is an opportunity to learn, celebrate, and collaborate.

Our In-App SOS for Utmost Safety

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving world, safety is the priority, especially when it comes to your living space. Understanding this critical need, our PG in Bellandur is proud to introduce an advanced safety feature In-App SOS button, to ensure our commitment to your security and well-being.

Our Bellandur PG for ladies and gents PG in Bellandur has In-App SOS feature is designed to provide immediate assistance in any emergency. With just a simple tap on your smartphone, you can alert our security team and local authorities, ensuring the help is on its way within moments.

  1. Quick Access: The SOS button is displayed in our dedicated PG mobile app, ensuring you can access it quickly in an emergency.
  2. Instant Alert: Upon pressing the SOS button, an instant alert is sent to our on-site security team and the local emergency services.
  3. Real-Time Location Sharing: The app automatically shares your exact location, enabling an immediate response.
  4. Emergency Contacts Notification: The system is configured to simultaneously inform your designated emergency contacts.

Our security personnel are trained and prepared to handle a variety of emergency scenarios in our PG near Bellandur. From medical emergencies to security threats, our team is equipped to provide immediate assistance while awaiting the arrival of external emergency services.

  • Privacy and Control:
  • We understand the importance of privacy. The SOS feature is designed to be activated only by you and will only share location data in the event of its activation, ensuring your privacy is respected at all times.

  • Community Safety:
  • This feature isn’t just about individual safety, it's about providing a community at our Bellandur PG for ladies and gents PG in Bellandur where everyone looks out for each other.

  • Live with Peace:
  • We know that you have a reliable and quick way to seek help that can provide peace of mind. Whether you're new to Bellandur or have been here a while, this feature ensures that you feel safe and secure in our PG in Bellandur.

    We are continuously working to enhance the safety features in our PG near Bellandur Bangalore. So, we will be considering your feedback and suggestions for this process.

    The introduction of the In-App SOS button in our Bellandur PG for gents is a step forward in our commitment to providing a secure living environment. With this innovative feature, we ensure that help is always just a tap away, that gives you the confidence to live freely and securely.

Why PG in Bellandur?

Bellandur is a vibrant place in Bangalore with the culture and activities. You will get both local and city life here. If you are personally interested in shopping or local food or local places to visit, Bellandur offers this all experience with life in Bangalore. If you are new to Bangalore and looking for a place to stay, our PG in Bellandur will be the exact place.

Local Attractions and Hotspots

Bellandur is an IT hub, yes, that's true. But it's not just that. This place is where traditions blend with modern life. Bellandur Lake is a significant landmark. Another lake near Bellandur is Agara Lake. It's a popular place for morning walks and exercises. You can start your day with the sound of water and the chirping of birds. You can do yoga and meditation in this naturally beautiful, calm place.

Bellandur has a diverse food culture. You will get a number of different varieties from local shops and restaurants. You can visit the famous food spots in Bangalore like 'The Spice Elephant' or 'Puliyogare Point’. From local food streets to proper restaurants you can find in Bellandur. There are numerous cafes dotting the area, such as 'Third Wave Coffee Roasters' and 'Cafe Coffee Day', perfect for those seeking a casual atmosphere for work or relaxation.

Shopping in Bellandur is an experience in itself. The area is filled with a mix of local markets and modern shopping malls. Central Mall Bellandur and Soul Space Spirit are popular destinations for fashion and lifestyle shoppers. Here, you can find everything from international brands to unique local products.Our PG in Bellandur for ladies is ideally located to give you easy access to these shopping paradises, blending convenience with the joy of urban living

For those who prefer a more traditional shopping experience, the local street markets offer a variety of products, from fresh produce to handmade crafts. These markets are not just shopping venues, they're places where you can find yourself in the local culture and community spirit.

If you are a fitness freak, no need to worry about the new location. It's a place where you can find a number of Gyms, yoga studios and sports complexes. The residents in Bellandur have plenty of options to stay active and healthy.

Nightlife Hotspots

Bangalore, sounds like a party place right? Bellandur is not an exception. It adds the night charm and beauty of Bangalore. From rooftop bars to lively pubs here life is being celebrated.

After a busy day, Bellandur’s nightlife can give you an unwinding experience. Rooftop bars offer the magnificent views of the city skyline and the energetic dance floors of the clubs, giving you a party vibe. Dance the night away in some of the most happening clubs in Bellandur, where the energy never fades.

You can enjoy yourself in the soulful tunes of live bands at various venues. Live music programs will be perfect for music lovers and social butterflies.

Bellandur has many multiplexes and movie theatres. And you can find your regional language releases also here. From Hollywood movies to local language movies you can watch them here. Apart from movies you can find live theatre also in Bellandur. You can experience drama and musicals at local theatres, showcasing both local and international talent.

Our PG in Bellandur for ladies places you at the heart of city life. The city life lies in Shopping malls, these malls and entertainment zones are perfect for a day out.

Bellandur is more than just a residential and commercial hub, it's a vibrant community that offers a rich culture of experiences. Bellandur is a neighbourhood that invites exploration and discovery. Whether you are looking to stay for long-time or just passing through, Bellandur has something to make your heart feel right at home. Choosing a PG in Bellandur makes you relax, celebrate, or simply explore, the entertainment and nightlife here promises to add an extra energy to your everyday life.

Transportation and Connectivity

Colive, PG in Bellandur will be the best location in Bangalore with seamless connectivity. Our PG in Bellandur is at the heart of Bangalore, and we assure you that you will be very close to all the major locations in Bangalore. It's a place well connected by BMTC bus network. Frequent bus services are available to ITPL, Electronic City, and MG Road.

For those who prefer train services, Bellandur railway station is also near to our location. And the upcoming Namma metro blue line will connect Bellandur to Airport easily.

And If you’re someone who loves to explore the city on your own, the well-maintained roads leading to and from Bellandur makes your travel easy. The area’s proximity to the Outer Ring Road and Sarjapur Road means less travel time and more time for you. Whether you’re heading to a meeting in Koramangala or catching a flight from Kempegowda International Airport, the strategic location of our PG in Bellandur ensures that you are never too far from your destination.

For the environmentally conscious, there are many cycling tracks and walkways, promoting a healthier, eco-friendly way to explore the vibrant neighbourhoods of Bangalore. Our PG in Bellandur is perfectly positioned to experience the best of the city with the convenience and ease.

Booking Procedure

We highly recommend scheduling a visit to our PG to experience the comfort and amenities we offer. Book a visit through our website or by calling us directly.

After your visit, select from our range of single, double, couple or luxury rooms based on your preference and budget.

Once you've chosen your room, we'll guide you through a simple documentation process. You'll need to provide some basic personal information and identification documents.

The payment process is transparent. We accept various payment methods for your convenience.

Our team will assist you in the moving process, which ensures smooth and hassle-free transition to your new home.

Why Choose Us?

At our PG in Bellandur for ladies, we prioritise your comfort and security, we prioritise your comfort and security. With our stylish rooms, modern amenities, and a vibrant community, we offer more than just accommodation – we provide a lifestyle. Our location in Bellandur ensures you're in the heart of Bangalore, with easy access to major corporate hubs, educational institutions, and entertainment zones. Read less

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We offer a variety of room types at our PG in Bellandur for ladies and gents PG in Bellandur including single, double, and triple sharing options, each furnished and designed for comfort and convenience.

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Our PG near Bellandur Bangalore is situated in a prime location in Bellandur, close to major IT parks, shopping centres, and public transportation facilities.

Rooms at Collive, PG in Bellandur are available to young professionals, students, and anyone looking for a comfortable, secure, and community-oriented living space. We provide a diverse community and ensure a pleasant stay with us.

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Facilities include high-speed Wi-Fi, regular housekeeping, laundry services, a fully-equipped kitchen, a common lounge area, and more.

Yes, our both PG in Bellandur for ladies and Gents PG in Bellandur provide nutritious and delicious meals thrice a day. Our menu includes a variety of cuisines

The safety of our residents is a priority. We have 24/7 CCTV surveillance, biometric access, and an onsite security app.

In case of an emergency, residents in both PG in Bellandur for ladies and Gents PG in Bellandur can use the In-App SOS feature to immediately alert our security team and local emergency services, ensuring quick response and assistance.

Visitors are allowed during specific hours, with prior information to the management. Overnight stays are subject to rules and additional charges.

Yes, we regularly organise community events, and social gatherings to make a sense of community and belonging among residents.

Yes, our residents have access to a well-equipped gym and fitness centre to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, all rooms in our PG near Bellandur Bangalore have high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure residents can work and stay connected.

Yes! You can visit our properties before making a booking. This allows you to get a feel for the space, the community, and the amenities we offer in our ladies PG and mens PG in Bellandur.

Here are list of PG for men, PG for Women and Coliving in Bangalore:

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Scheduling a visit in our PG near Bellandur Bangalore is easy. You can either contact us directly through our website or phone, or use our online booking system to choose a convenient time for your visit. Our team will be happy to assist you and guide you.

Yes, you can select roommates in our gents PG Bellandur, but preferences are considered for roommate selection, subject to availability.

Yes, dedicated areas for study and work are available in our PG in Bellandur, ensuring a conducive environment.

Room changes are subject to availability and can be requested through the management.

For security, late-night outs may require prior intimation to the management as per our safety protocols in our Bellandur PG for ladies

We have quiet hours at night to ensure a peaceful environment for all residents.